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Ep.131 | The Kings Table Podcast - Israel vs Hamas, Creative Financing Deals & Digital Reputation


October 13, 2023

7:00 am

Welcome to Episode 10 of The Kings Table Podcast, a captivating new show hosted by Ashish, Mike, Aaron, and Matt. Join us for an unfiltered, authentic experience as we gather weekly to delve into the raw discussions that drive our lives, businesses, economics, and the world.

Meet the Hosts:

1. Mike Ayala is an accomplished investor, speaker, and podcast host, who stands at the helm of Investing for Freedom, guiding busy professionals and entrepreneurs toward the path of genuine liberation and optimal living. 2. Ashish Nathu is a founder and CEO, entrepreneur, real estate investor, triathlete, and host of the Rich Equation Podcast. 3. Matt Aitchison is a distinguished real estate investor, captivating speaker, and committed philanthropist. 4. Aaron Amuchastegui is a seasoned real estate virtuoso with a remarkable track record of over 1,000 house transactions, predominantly acquired through astute foreclosure purchases at courthouse auctions.

Welcome to another engaging episode where we navigate through diverse topics, fostering insightful discussions. We kicked off the episode exploring the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, where we dissect the narratives and delve into the historical context. We then ventured into the realm of innovative financing deals within our individual domains. We provide guidance to brokers, emphasizing their indispensable role in orchestrating creative financing solutions in the real estate sector. We concluded with a reflection on the significance of your digital reputation as a way of gaining attention and building your brand.

Tune in for a thought-provoking episode that covers an array of intriguing subjects, offering valuable insights and diverse perspectives.

Highlights: 00:41 - The war and violence on Israel and the narrative around it 41:21 - The power to change your mind even if it has become a part of your identity 44:29 - Creative financing deals the hosts are seeing in their respective areas 55:52 - Advice for brokers and their role when it comes to creative financing in real estate 01:19:32 - How important it is to have a digital reputation, a different way of attracting attention and building your brand

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Connect with Mike Ayala on his Instagram, YouTube, Website, and his Investing For Freedom Podcast.

Connect with Ashish Nathu on his Instagram, YouTube, Website, and the Rich Equation Podcast. Connect with Matt Aitchison on his Instagram, YouTube, Website, and Millionaire Mindcast Podcast. Connect with Aaron Amuchastegui on his Instagram, YouTube, Website, and the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast.

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