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Ep. 149 | James Foo - Having a Holistic Approach to Business Growth


January 16, 2024

7 am

This week’s guest is James Foo Torres. James is a renowned Marketing strategist, a host of a top 1.5% of podcasts in the world, a bestselling author, and an international bestselling author. He is best known as Foo, Founder & CEO of Imperium Authority. Following his service in the Air Force, Foo launches his company with the mission of amplifying the positive impact of exceptional leaders.

In this episode, James talked about his journey, exploring the experiences and reflections that led him to his current path. The dialogue evolves to discuss cultivating the right mindset

in today's digital landscape and the commitment required to initiate change. James offers valuable insights into understanding key customers and refining your value proposition. He shares practical tips and strategies for becoming a strategic advisor. James also delves into the challenges people often face in his work. The episode concludes with a glimpse into James' current projects and reflections on the evolving nature of personal relationships and AI's impact on marketing, making for a thought-provoking conversation.


00:00 - Ashish introduces this week’s guest, James Foo

00:11 - James gave an introduction about what he does

02:41 - Ashish asks James to talk about his personal journey that got him on this path

08:28 - James talks about his self-reflection and epiphany that led to growth

09:52 - Adapting the right mindset in today’s digital world and having the commitment to start

14:54 - Understanding your key customer, understanding your value proposition

16:02 - Some tips and strategies to go through the phases of being a strategic advisor

26:54 - James shares what he is seeing from the people he works with as the one major thing they struggle with the most

28:56 - James shares some of the things he’s working on and next steps

31:58 - Building personal relationships and how it is changing in today’s AI world

35:31 - AI and marketing

45:29 - James shares what it means to live a rich life

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