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Ep.50 | Matthew Zanis - Walking BareFoot


February 15, 2022

8:00 am

Today I have a special episode with Dr. Matthew Zanis, a doctor of human movement and an expert in human performance. He is the founder of Rooted in Movement, a company that helps athletes and coaches build confidence and trust in their bodies and practices through the pillars of movement, vitality, mindset, nutrition, and training. His vision is to create an awareness of new ways of working with the human body and rehabilitation, performance, and coaching circles and bring that alive through a philosophy that is rooted in movement.

In this episode, we get into how we can become more intentional about our movement throughout the day, and the general awareness of our body. We discuss the importance of our feet and why we should be more barefoot throughout the day. Matthew also talks about our sexual organs, and how they are directly related to pain management. And finally, he reminds us about how important our breath is to manage our energy and focus.


00:00 - Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Matthew Zanis.

3:57 - Matthew Zanis shares the movement experience he had with Ashish.

5:52 - How we can use our body to help break patterns of brain and emotional thinking.

12:26 - How to become intentional and aware of what's going on in our bodies.

17:00 - How to develop an intimate connection in the hips and the pelvis, and the importance of being barefoot

18:48 - How our sexual function is affected by stress and anxiety, and how to optimize it with regular breathing exercises to lengthen out the pelvic floor.

27:11 - The reason of the premature ejaculation

29:18 - How can people change their emotional state as they interact in their business life

32:03 - How breathing can help you to have control over what is happening inside your body.

33.53 - The sip and hold technique

35:38 - Matthew’s daily routine

40:11 - Matthew explains what it means for him to live a rich life

42:15 - Matthew’s contact info

43: 00 - Outro


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