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Ep. 97 | Michelle Ghidotti – A Mompreneur’s Journey to Finding Work-Life Balance


January 17, 2023


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Michelle Gidhotti. Michelle Ghidotti-Gonsalves, Partner at Ghidotti | Berger LLP, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance Magna Cum Laude from Western Illinois University in 2001, where she was actively involved in numerous campus organizations, including the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority and the Beta Gamma Sigma business fraternity. Michelle has been practicing law since 2004 and has extensive legal experience with a business background.

In this episode, Michelle talks about her background, and she also shares how she managed and balanced her life of being a mom and an entrepreneur. She talks about delegating and hiring the right people for your organization, relinquishing control, and empowering your team. She also shares some advice for those who want to live a rich and balanced life. She talks about time scheduling and her fitness goals. And wraps up the conversation by sharing her thoughts about what is rich life means to her.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Michelle

03:05- Michelle shares her most significant lesson in the past few years of her life

04:01 – The importance of delegation, hiring, and putting the right person in place helped her become a better business owner and gain more freedom of time

05:08 – Ashish asks Michelle what were the things that kept her in the grind and what motivates her to keep on going in life and in her career

09:36 - Michelle talks about how she manages to be a busy mumpreneur, handling a team of 65 and being a mum of 3 kids

11:10- Michelle advises people who are struggling to find harmony between business and family life

15:15 – Cultivating interests outside of work

17:01 – Ashish asks Michelle to talk about her bodybuilding journey and why she started competing

21:13- Ashish and Michelle talk about entrepreneur’s self-doubt and how it creeps into your psyche

22:33 – Michelle talks about her next steps and what she hopes to achieve

23:49 – Do not focus on the destination, focus on the journey, as there will always be a next destination to go to as you move through life

26:44- Ashish asks Michelle about her biggest lessons in 2022 and her plans in 2023

31:05 - Ashish asks Michelle what it means to have a rich life

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