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Ep. 96 | Tim Bass – Living Your Life with Purpose


January 10, 2023

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Tim Bass. Tim is the Principal Consultant for Bass Consulting, a leader in helping representatives, management, and organizations develop the most effective strategies in the Financial Services business. He is also a Master Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. For over 30 years, Tim has served Network offices, financial representatives, and clients with the leadership team for Northwestern Mutual. While always maintaining his role as a Financial Representative, Tim held additional roles and responsibilities as Field Director, Director of Development, Managing Director, and Chief Development Officer.

In this episode, Tim talks about having and finding your purpose. He talked about the framework of the problem of identity crisis and limiting beliefs. He also shares his thoughts on living a life aligned with your goal and routines that help you gain momentum.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Tim

01:22 – Ashish asks Tim about his insights about having and finding purpose

05:40 – Why do people struggle to talk about their purpose and the problem of identity crisis

10:30- Ashish asks Tim about the framework of the problem of identity crisis and what advice he can give people.

20:28- Tim shares his experience when working with other people

23:06- Tim and Ashish talk about the limiting belief

25:33- Ashish and Tim shares about finding purpose and how understanding why we are doing things helps us live life purposefully and support our state of being

33:35- Ashish asks Tim about why people fail to establish routines to gain and be driven by momentum in life

36:44- Ashish asks Tim what he has observed with the minds of leaders of various organizations as we head to 2023

41:19 – Tim talks about motivation and

45:32- Ashish and Tim talk about the points of speech

48:07- Ashish asks Tim What it means to have a rich life

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