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Ep. 89 | David Rosendorf – Turning Setbacks Into Success


November 15, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by David Rosendorf. David is the CEO and President of DNA Supply Chain Solutions. Previously, David was a Partner at Amber Worldwide Logistics. David received a Bachelor of International Business degree from the State University of New York at Albany. David’s company DNA Supply Chain Solutions, solves the problem that we All Have Experienced; Lack of Transparency. They provide more reliable data on your shipments than the carriers and competition by tracking via AIS. You know exactly where your shipments are via live map feed and GUI (Graphic User Interface) reporting that results in the visibility of hundreds and thousands of shipments in minutes; potential savings of hidden costs i.e., demurrage per diem and planning that would incur without this solution.

In this episode, David talks about what he learned about himself, his business, and other entrepreneurs that dealt with the drastic change in the transportation and freight industry. He shared the importance of relationships with vendors and clients that helped create a win-win solution and led to innovative solutions to keep working together and help their businesses continue to thrive. He shared a pivotal moment in his life, trying to keep his business thriving, and dealing with a health crisis. He talked about the importance of having the right positive mindset to face the ups and downs life gives you.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces David

01:54 – Ashish asks David how he managed his freight business

03:39 – David discusses how a drastic change in the freight industry affected his business, and what he learned from it

07:51- Ashish and David talk about the right mindset

10:01- David talks about his personal journey to get to where he is now

11:01- David shares a story about how he overcame a serious illness

18:06- David describes his experience transitioning to a healthier lifestyle

19:13- David discusses the power of the human mind and fears

21:28- Ashish asks David what the most challenging aspect of his health journey has been.

26:19- Ashish and David discuss focus diffusion

29:34- Ashish and David talk about mental health

30:32- David discusses how his confidence has grown

33:18 – Ashish inquires of David what wisdom he may offer those suffering from mental illness.

37:10- David talks about what he hopes to leave behind this knowledge

37:55- Ashish queries David about the meaning of living a rich life.

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