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Ep. 88 | Brian Luebben – How You Can Earn Freedom in Life and Business


November 08, 2022

07:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Brian Luebben. Brian Luebben is a Real Estate Investor, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia. While in college he built his first company (Greek Beats DJ/Entertainment) that allowed him to graduate debt-free. Shortly after graduating – he made it to the top of a Fortune 500 Company in their Sales Organization, only to realize quickly that “Retirement at 65” and corporate life simply was not for him. He now runs a successful podcast “The Action Academy” where he talks to seven, eight, and nine-figure entrepreneurs on how to earn freedom in life and business. Through the podcast and cash-flowing real estate (via his company Sexton Property Group) he now has generated enough revenue via remote income sources to earn him Financial Independence to do what he wants, when he wants, and with who he wants.

In this episode, Brian talks about his life journey. He also talks about his professional background and how he got there. He shares his challenges and lessons in life and gives advice and ideas to people mostly entrepreneurs and employees.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Brian

02:20 – Brian shares a story about his current life and where he lives

05:35 - Ashish asks Brian about his life and belief before he started his journey, and how he dealt with others' opinions of his life choices

08:18 – Going on a trip to help him

10:20 - Brian talks about his travel journey

11:38 - Reinforcing a new identity

13:25 - Ashish and Brian talk about the real essence of traveling

16:57 - Brian talks about his podcast “The Action Academy”

18:56 - Ashish asks Brian about life lessons from traveling around the world and experiencing other cultures

22:39 - Brian talks about anxiety

24:26 - How to be mentally prepared and work on earning freedom in life and business

28:39 - Ashish asks Brian about his next steps

36:20 - Ashish asks Brian about how his perspective of time changed in terms of how he sees his future

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