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Ep. 82 | Chad Paris – Becoming the Brand & Digital Partner for Mission-Driven Organizations


September 27, 2022

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Chad Paris. Chad is the principal and CEO of Parisleaf, a brand & digital partner that helps nonprofits fund progress through fundraising campaigns. His firm specializes in medium-to-large-sized campaigns for medium-to-large-sized nonprofits. As a result, we have helped our partners raise $5B through working on campaigns of all shapes and sizes. He describes himself as human acting like a professional, not the other way around. He loves connecting good people with other good people and has dedicated his career to brands that are changing the world.

In this episode, Chad talks about his transition from commercial marketing to non-profit and mission-driven marketing. He shares some of his life lessons and talked about failure and the importance of integrating various aspects of life as an entrepreneur. He also talks about finding the balance between managing time and relationships.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Chad Paris

03:01 – Chad talks about his journey in shifting his career from commercial marketing to non-profit marketing.

05:13 – Chad shares some of his life lessons

07:54- Ashish and Chad talk about the fear of failing

08:48 – Ashish asks Chad about his experience transitioning from one company to another, and the biggest lessons learned

12:05 – Chat talks about work as a means to an end

14:33 – Ashish and Chad talk about how entrepreneurs can be more intentional and integrate various aspects of life

18:09 – Chad shares his thoughts on how people define success

20:07- Chad talks about goal setting, and reminds us not to define ourselves based on goals we’ve set

22:06- Ashish asks Chad about marketing for mission-driven vs profit-driven organizations

25:13- Ashish asks Chad How did he engaged with clients and took care of his client’s branding

28:06- What’s working and not working in relation to finding the balance between managing time and relationships

34:26- Ashish asks Chad what it means to have a rich life

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