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Ep. 77 | Neha Patel – Raising Empowered Children Through Conscious Parenting


August 23, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Neha Patel. Neha spent 15 years as an executive leading teams in the technology/software space before quitting her job. She listened to the small voice inside, which led to the meaningful and purposeful work she now does at Hatch Brighter. She is a mom of two girls and lives with her family in Southern California. She also is the host of the podcast "Unpacking Myself". A podcast where each week she unpacks topics we often don't talk about but we all deal with in life. ​

In this episode, Neha shares her entrepreneurial background, and how she started her company. Neha talks about her Podcast, and why she started it. She shares her experience being a mom and also shares her thoughts on conscious parenting and how it benefits children. She discusses the importance of being present and mindful in the interactions you have with your children which helps build trust and confidence for kids.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Neha

02:16- Ashish asks Neha about her entrepreneurial journey and how she co-founded her business, Hatch Brighter

02:34 – Neha shares her experience with the company, what worked for them and what didn’t

06:30 – Neha talks about the values a company will stand for, and why it’s important to align decisions and actions to the values

12:20 – Ashish and Neha talk about conscious parenting, and compare previous generation parenting and today’s parenting

16:40 – Neha shares her insights on how parents can communicate better with their child

17:41 – Structured parenting vs allowing the kids to just be, and explore the world around them

20:11 – Ashish and Neha talk about being present for their children

20:52 – Neha shares a lesson she learned from parenting her own child, about telling them what to do vs letting the child learn to trust their own gut

23:39 – Neha talks about her podcast, “Unpacking Yourself,” what inspired her to start it, and lessons she learned along the way

27:00 – Neha talks about meditation and how it helped her gain clarity on many things and decisions she makes.

28:43 – Ashish asks Neha what keeps her up at night

32:10 – Neha shares her thoughts on what it means to live a rich life

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