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Ep. 74 | Anna Grabow - Helping People Live Purpose-Filled Lives


August 2, 2022

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Anna Grabow. She is the CEO and Founder of New Coach Empire, an 8-week intensive program designed to help new coach find their purpose and build the business of their dreams. She is also the speaker and host of the podcast, The Premise of Purpose. She is also a business coach for over five years now, aspiring individuals to make their unique impact in the world.

In this episode, Anna shares her professional background and how she got into business coaching and hosting a Podcast show, whose goal is to hear from people who are living their purpose in the hopes of inspiring others. She shares her passion for purpose and talked about how to find your purpose and how it’s tied to the law of attraction. She shares some of the daily disciplines that keep her focused and at her best.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Anna

03:08- Anna talks about her professional background and how she got started

11:52 – Anna speaks to entrepreneurs who may be successful but are stuck in a place where they know they are not serving their purpose or are still trying to find it

14:28 – Ashish asks Anna about how the Law of Attraction ties to our innate desire to find our purpose

16:55 – Ashish talks about the story of the Buddha and the Battlefield

18:30 – Anna talks about how we can reconcile our inner world and our outer world, and how it reconciles with our desires

19:06 – Anna shares her thoughts on why things don’t go the way we want even if we feel we are aligned with what we want to manifest in life

22:55 – Anna shares more insights on purpose

24:12 – Ashish asks Anna what are some self-reflection questions to ask in order to help you find your purpose

26:05 – Anna shares the common things she is seeing from the people she works with and are struggling with

27:59 – Ashish asks Anna what she is most afraid of

29:12 - Anna shares some daily routines that help keep her disciplined and at her best

33:56 – Anna shares her thoughts on what it means to live a rich life

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