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Ep. 71 | Jim Carter III – Creating Social Impact Through Technology


July 12, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Jim Carter III. Ashish and Jim met at a Mastermind event last year and the two connected quickly. Jim is a philanthropist, a Tech Expert, and the founder and CEO of his company, Carter & Custer. He helps make entrepreneurs fearless to grow their impact, tap into their own knowledge and network of experts, and experience real accountability and mentorship to inspire new game-changing ideas to grow their business.

In this episode, Jim shares some of his expertise in Technology. Jim talks about the projects he has been working on and how he scaled his business and the challenges he experienced. He discussed the importance of being a part of a Mastermind or collective, as a way to grow your network and have a support group. Jim also talked about the importance of mindset. He talked about his company, Carter & Custer, whose vision is to help entrepreneurs make an impact of exponential growth.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Jim

02:24 – Jim talks about his journey to entrepreneurship, how he got inspired about using technology to create a positive social impact

04:29 – How he discovered his love for coding and eventually became a software engineer

07:04 – Ashish asks Jim what are the important trends entrepreneurs should be watching for when it comes to tech and marketing

14:39 – Jim talks about his experience with scaling and the challenges he experienced

20:25 – Jim talks about vulnerability and being vulnerable and open to change, to make a difference

27:24 – Jim talks about Mastermind programs and how they can fundamentally change your business

34:39 – Ashish asks Jim the common struggles he’s seeing that entrepreneurs go through

43:17 – Ashish asks Jim about his daily routines that help him perform at the highest level

48:41 – Jim shares his thoughts on what it means to live a rich life


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