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Ep. 68 | Ken Patel – Changing the World of Hospitality Through Technology Innovation


June 21, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Ken Patel, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of EV Hotel. He has an MBA in Hospitality from Emirates Academy and has worked in big markets such as New York City. Ken has been in the Hospitality Business for over 20 years. He is also the founder of EV Smart, EV Human, EV Hotel Group, and Hospitality 360 Live. He is a visionary, with the mindset that the industry needs a major overhaul.

In this episode, Ken talks about the EV Hotel brand, its vision, and its goal to revolutionize the hospitality industry with technological innovations that will create centric experiences for their guests and employees. He talked about his journey, sharing a wealth of experience and discussing his wins and challenges as he worked from the ground up to where he is today. He shared some of his daily routines, how he built his core team, and his learnings from it.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Ken

03:33 – Ken talks about the EV Hotel and shares his vision for the guests and employees

08:21 – Ken’s message to the naysayers, those who have doubts about his goals and what he wants to achieve

11:55 – Advice to other entrepreneurs

15:34 – Ashish asks Ken about the various challenges he faced that may or may not have been anticipated by him

18:30 – Ashish asks Ken about how he built his successful team and his learnings from it

23:28 – Ken shares an analogy between business and farming

24:09 – Ashish asks Ken who inspires him and who he looks up to

27:22 – Ashish asks Ken about his daily routine to help him perform at a high level

31:11 – Ken talks about things that help keep him consistent with his discipline

32:41 – Ken shares things that keep him up at night

34:18 – Ashish asks Ken what it means to live a rich life


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