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Ep. 67 | Sam Zipursky – Creating a Global Consulting Business that Adds Value to Others


June 14, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Sam Zipursky, a lifestyle entrepreneur, digital nomad, world citizen, and explorer and currently co-founder at Consulting Success and founder of a newer project called Japan Sessions. Some previous businesses and ventures included co-founding and co-founding a social music project called "Beats for Change."

In this episode, Sam talks about his upbringing and multicultural roots. He talked about discovering what you are passionate about and learning the right skills to bring it to fruition. He talked about Consulting Success, and how they’ve created the framework to turn it into a location-independent business operating globally. He shared his struggles which many entrepreneurs can relate to and how he overcame them all. He talks about the Four pillars of their Clarity Coaching Program that helps their clients build profitable, scalable, and strategic consulting businesses.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Sam Zipursky

02:19 – Sam talks about his multi-cultural roots, upbringing and his family

08:10 – Sam talks about mindset, knowing what you are truly passionate about and learning the skills it takes to put your ideas into action.

09:55 – Sam talks about how Consulting Success was created together with his cousin Michael, and how they were able to put people, process, and framework in place in order to operate globally

11:51 – Sam talks about a common struggle most business owners go through – wanting to throw in the towel when their hard work is not yielding the results they expected

16:27 – How they came to a decision to build a team, and create the framework so they can focus on building the lifestyle they want and still keep the momentum going

19:24 – Four steps (pillars) that he found most of their clients need clarity on in order to build a profitable consulting business

21:26 – Sam talks about his business in Japan

24:10 – Ashish asks Sam about his current challenges in the business

26:06 – Sam talks about various management systems that have worked for them

27:42 – Sam shares what legacy he hopes to leave behind – adding value to the people he comes into contact with every day, life, and family

29:31 – Ashish asks Sam about his daily routines that help him perform at a high level

31:27 – Sam shares some great resources he came across that could help add value to self and business

33:20 – Ashish asks Sam about the highs and lows of business partnerships

38:47 – Sam shares what it means for him to live a rich life


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