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Ep. 66 | Dr. Patti Gonzalez – Helping Women Create Meaningful Alignments in Their Lives


June 7, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Dr. Patti Gonzalez. Dr. Patti is a mom, business owner, and a retired chiropractor who built scaled, and sold her chiropractic practice generating over $2 million in sales. As The Alignment Coach, she now empowers driven women to say goodbye to overwhelm, burnout & frustration to find their joy, success & fulfillment through her unique HEART Method.

In this episode, Dr. Patti talks about what made her leave her chiropractic practice to start a new coaching business venture. She talks about her program, AlignHER Collective, and how it grew to become a safe space where women connect to support and cheer each other on their own version of success. She briefly talks about her Somatic breathwork practice, and how it helps people to be present through proper breathing techniques.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Dr. Patti Gonzalez

02:57 – Patti talks about how she started retired from her chiropractic practice and what inspired her to start a new venture

06:36 – Patti talks about her thought process on pivoting to build her new coaching business

09:02 – Ashish asks Patti about her program, AlignHER Collective where select women connect to support, encourage, hold each other accountable and cheer one another on to their own version of success

10:03 – Patti talks about the space she’s built for busy moms who struggle to balance time between family and business, among other things

15:17 – Patti shares what she’s learned from meeting other women coming together as a collective

17:55 – Patti talks about activity from an event she attended that revealed how women carry themselves externally differs from how they perceive themselves from the inside

20:26 – Ashish asks Patti how she manages stress and anxiety

21:29 – Ashish asks Patti who has had the biggest impact on her life

23:18 – Patti talks about building and maintaining relationships that thrive

24:59 – Ashish asks Patti to talk about things she wished she knew 20 years ago

25:29 – Patti talks about what it means for her to live a rich life

26:29 – Ashish asks Dr. Patti how she, as a somatic breathwork practitioner, helps others learn how to be present through breathing


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