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Ep. 65 | Terra Thomas - Creating Sustainable Healthy Lifestyles Through Mindset Shifts


May 31, 2022

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Terra Thomas. Terra is a national board credentialed coach offering health and wellness professional services to individuals, families, and organizations for over 20 years. Terra helps others reacquaint and discover their unique core creativity to gain momentum toward the fullest expression of themselves, replenishing vitality and meaning in their day to day. She leverages an innate passion for adventure, a background in science, and expertise living 31 years with type 1 diabetes to support and guide individuals to live their best life.

In this episode, Terra talks about what it means to heal while surrounded by adverse conditions. She talks about the health care system vs intuitive healing, nutrition, and vitality. She shares how people can create sustainable healthy lifestyles by practicing behavioral mindset shifts. Terra also talks about Self Determination Psychological Theory and how it relates to improving one’s health.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Terra

02:52 – Terra talks about her journey and what it’s like living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 32 years

06:05 – Terra talks about “shame and blame cycles,” when people look at their health goals, instead of looking at it as information to help them make decisions going forward

07:14 – Ashish asks Terra what important things did she have to cut from her life and still thrive as a person dealing with diabetes

08:31 – Terra talks about the 3 basic psychological needs of people, especially those dealing with illnesses – competence, autonomy, and relatability

12:35 – Terra shares some tips on how we don’t get our minds wrapped up with all the chatter around us

13:48 – Ashish asks Terra how she managed to intentionally give herself time and space to be present, show up with the capacity to grow and strengthen relationships

16:12 – Ashish and Terra talk about their experience with ice dipping and the science behind it

21:51 – Ashish asks Terra what she hopes to achieve as a health and mindset coach, and what she has observed with the clients she has worked with.

22:52 – Terra talks about practicing behavioral mindset shifts that are sustainable for maintaining a healthy way of eating and lifestyle

27:34 – Ashish asks Terra what she does mentally and physically when she has an “off day”

28:19 – Terra talks about things that keep her up at night and what it means to live a rich life

29:31 – Terra shares her next steps and journey


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