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Ep. 60 | Amber Stitt - Learning the Pathways to Peak Performance


April 12, 2022

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Amber Stitt.

Amber Stitt is a Financial Consultant, Business Strategist, and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who helps individuals and businesses to take action through her system called "The Pathways to Peak Performance." She is co-owner at M.D. Disability Quotes and founder of Blog and has been working in the financial industry for 10+ years. Her passion is to help individuals identify how to implement custom planning processes that allow for those to do so within areas where they are naturally talented. She has recently launched The Amber Stitt Show and has co-authored a book this month as well.

In this episode, Amber recalls how she started in the financial industry. She talked about financial wellness and the importance of being intentional in diversifying streams of income. She also talked about the advantage of having a niche, and how it can work for you. She shares her 5-core framework called Pathways to Peak Performance that will help bring success and pandemic-proof your business.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Amber

01:49 – Amber talks about how she started the Financial Industry

02:45 – Importance of diversifying your portfolio and career choices

04:35 – Amber shares her story of how she started doing ‘catastrophe-planning’ and building a framework to live by

06:06 – Ashish and Amber talk about how people can be more intentional in how they diversify their streams of income

11:49 – Amber talks about the advantage of having a niche and how it can work for you

13:20 – Amber talks about her 5 strategies to pandemic-proof your business

22:24 – Ashish asks Amber what are the impactful lessons she learned in her journey

25:08 – Ambers shares her observations and insights working with different types of entrepreneurs

28:22 – Hiring people similar to them vs hiring someone who’s the opposite of you

30:43 – Amber talks about what keeps her up at night

33:56 – Amber shares tips and advice that can help others achieve peak performance

39:42 – Ashish asks Amber what it means to live a right life


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