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Ep. 59 | Shaun Peet - Gain Competitive Advantage through DECK Principles


April 12, 2022


On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Shaun Peet.

Shaun was born and raised on Vancouver Island, Canada. He came to the United States on a hockey scholarship where he played four years in the Ivy League at Dartmouth College. While at Dartmouth, he graduated with high honors and a double major in Psychology and Sociology. He then played eight years in the minor leagues serving as the captain of the New Mexico Scorpions before his career culminated with an opportunity to play for the Calder Cup with the American League’s Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. Shaun is the co-founder of DECK Leadership alongside Mike Metcalf where they apply the hard-won principles learned over a decade of building and coaching NASCAR pit crews to inspire teams by discovering authentic opportunities for diversity, efficiency, culture, and kindness. He is the co-author of 12 Second Culture and has worked with organizations such as Colonial Life, Merck, Novant Health, and pro sports teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys.

In this episode, Shaun talks about his DECK team (Diversity, Efficiency, Culture, Kindness). He shares his journey from Dartmouth to coaching a NASCAR pit crew. He talks about the similarities between working in a pit crew and an organization. He explains the 4 pillars of DECK and how its principles translate into every work environment, whether you work in the corporate world, own a small business, or manage people.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Shaun

03:14 – Why it’s better to work together and have an abundance mindset

04:12 – Shaun talks about how he started and how he ended up in NASCAR coaching pit crews, the parallel between teams in a pit crew department and in a business organization

07:04 – Shaun talks about DECK leadership

09:33 – Shaun explains the acronym DECK, what it stands for and how it is a key to winning in a performance-driven career

10:52 – Shaun talks about “Weaponizing” diversity to your advantage

11:52 – Ashish and Shaun talk about who is on the team is 10x more important than what they can actually do

12:16 – Why enthusiasm beats aptitude any day

14:02 – Shaun shares his thoughts on culture and why it’s important to be intentional in what you say and do

19:26 – Shaun talks about his experience and what he’s observed when he shares his DECK leadership in companies

21:45 – Importance of caring and valuing people

24:39 – Shaun shares a story about “40 Percenters,” people who don’t aim too high and miss, but aim too low and meet the mark.

25:59 – Shaun talks about the hiring process is a very important piece to becoming a thriving organization

29:30 – Ashish asks Shaun his thoughts on failure, and how he addresses it in his team

31:59 – Ashish asks Shaun what he is struggling with right now when it comes to his leadership

33:06 – Shaun talks about vertical thinking

35:52 – Shaun shares his thoughts on what it means to live a rich life


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