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Ep.52 | Oliveyah Fisch - Stepping Into Your Right State


February 21, 2022

7:00 pm

Today I am joined by Oliveyah Fisch. She is a leading expert in the health and fitness industry with over 20 years of experience helping thousands of people improve their health and amplify their lives. Oliveyah helps us with energy management and explains how we can have more sustainable energy throughout the day. She talks about how we must be honest with ourselves, our "why", and how we can create priorities and focus in our life. She teaches us how we can change our state in just eight minutes, and clear our body and head to be more present.


0.00 - Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Oliveyah Fisch

2:52 - Oliveyah shares her business background and the details of her upcoming book “lose the weight, create your healthy state.“

7.38 - Oliveyah shares details about the “Hoffman process”

8:40 - Oliveyah explains what it means to get in the right state and how can we do that

14:16 - Oliveyah explains the importance of connecting with your “why” in order to get in the right state

17:19 - How to transition from low energy to high energy

19:25 - Oliveyah analyzes how to create your healthy state and the importance of being restful in order to have more energy

23:31 - Oliveyah explains why your energy is your greatest asset.

25:42 - Oliveyah explains how she is managing the duties and daily things

30:26 – Ashish shares how he is transitioning from “work” mode, to “daddy” mode, in order to spend quality time with family

32:40 - Oliveyah gets into a little coaching session, where she helps Ashish create a reintegration plan for transitioning from “work-life” to “home life” on a daily basis.

38:27 - Oliveyah shares her daily rituals

42:16 - Oliveyah explains how she is handling a bad, low-energy day

45:06 - Oliveyah shares what are the things she is constantly working on and improving

47:59 - Oliveyah shares what does it mean to live rich

50:39 - Oliveyah’s contact info and how you can win a free copy of her book!

51:30 - Outro


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