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Ep.51 | Claudia Zaragoza - The Future of Wellness is Personalized


February 17, 2022

6:00 am

Today I am joined by Claudia Zaragoza, a functional medicine practitioner, registered dietician, world triathlete, exercise psychologist, and endurance coach. She is moved by holistic well-being and helps her patients get to the root cause of an illness, in order to guide them into becoming well-being agents! In this episode, Claudia shares with us some of the common misconceptions about health. She explains that health management is becoming more personal and analyzes the importance of listening to our bodies and building a trusting connection to what it's telling us. Finally, she discusses how she got great at getting comfortable to be uncomfortable, in order to achieve the goals that she wanted in her sport and in life. HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 - Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Claudia Zaragoza

4:56 - Claudia shares the things that led her to stand out in her work

7:09 - What things we are missing in reaching our high-performance level

9:49 - How to choose the type of diet that suits us best

12:49 - Claudia shares her diet schedule and how she takes care of her health

16:07 - Claudia explains how she gets into the mindset of pushing herself into doing her regular exercise, even if she is not feeling motivated

21:36 - Claudia shares what she is doing in case of inflammation and recovery

23:18 - Claudia shares her vision for the next few years in this line of work.

24:41 - Claudia explains how consistency and self-discipline helped her overcome challenges in the business world

24:40 - Claudia shares what is her biggest fear

28:18 - Claudia explains what it means for her to live a rich life

32:03 - Outro Links:

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