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Ep. 45 | Will Armijo – Why Dieting is a Waste of Time?


January 27, 2022

2:05 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Will Armijo. Ashish and Will discuss how diet culture is fueled by money. Will shares some crazy interesting facts about our bodies and how impactful anti-inflammatory foods can be. Will and Ashish speak about allowing ourselves to indulge and enjoy the human experience but while using the cheat codes to achieve a healthy, balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Will shares how he is going to live a rich life by being present and creating a legacy that can be carried on for generations. This episode is full of nuggets of intelligence that you definitely do not want to miss! HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Will Armijo 3:26 – Will provides an insight into his life and shares how he left his hometown in New Mexico to pursue baseball 4:13 – Will states that he loves the entrepreneurial side of creating a business from scratch 10:36 – Ashish asks Will about the hacks that work that he has learned over the years through trial and error 11:24 – Will states that diets do not work 12:45 – Will talks how impactful anti-inflammatory foods can be 14:56 – Will shares how 80% of your immune system is dictated by your gut health 19:52 – Will speaks about how it’s ok to indulgence as humans because we’re here to enjoy the human experience 21:13 – Will shares the cheat code to a healthy nutritious and balanced lifestyle 25:00 – Ashish asks Will if there are certain foods that are top cultures 27:30 – Will shares his opinion on coffee 34:20 – Will talks about intermitted fasting and why it’s vital for our society today 37:11 – Will shares his thoughts on COVID-19, vaccines and our immune systems 38:40 – Will states that being outside and taking in vitamin D is crucial for our immune system 41:55 – Will talks about how a Stanford study showed that fat cells were the second highest concentrated area of COVID-19 behind the lungs. It also showed that elevated blood sugar was found in over 90% or ventilated patients and 75% of patients who had died. 43:19 – Will shares how his goal is to create a legacy that will outlive him 48:10 – Will states that living a rich life is being able to stay present and, in the moment, Links: Sign up to the mailing list to receive special access and content here: Check out previous episodes of The Rich Equation Podcast here: Guest Website: Let’s Connect! Instagram: Website: Guest Instagram: FULL TRANSCRIPTION: Ashish Nathu Welcome back to the reach equation podcast. Today, I am so excited to have will Armijo on the show will is an entrepreneur speaker and influencer in the health and wellness industry. He is the founder and CEO of the holistic nutrition company nourish, which has served over 8,000 people globally. He is the former NCAA basketball player, nine time bodybuilding competitor, and holds an MBA along with a certification in nutrition and strength training. On this episode, we’ll get straight to the point. He talks about how inflammatory foods are the single cause of all chronic disease. He talks about the foods that we should avoid and the science behind what’s happening in our body. At the cellular level. When we consume these foods, he debunks common misconceptions about dieting working out and general health. He has really inspired me to take some serious dramatic change about my own habits and behaviors about my nutrition. And I know he will have the same impact on you. I really encourage you to be prepared to take notes on this one. He is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Here he is, will Armijo. And remember if you enjoy this podcast or find it valuable in any way, you have a duty to share with someone else who may indeed hear this message or can get value from this content and remember to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review so we can continue to bring massive value to you and go to our website. The rich equation, to be added to our mailing list for special access and content. Now here’s the episode. Narrator Welcome to the rich equation podcast podcast. Are you ready to discover how to live rich today and not wait for retirement? If you’re tired of struggling and want to live your best life now, your in the right place, outdated principles will no longer work in today’s environment. It’s time for a new approach. Your host will help you discover methods to live the new American dream. It’s time to start living the good life on your own terms and experience a new way to live rich grit. Now here’s your host, Ashish Nathu Ashish Nathu Mr. Will Armijo. Welcome to the show. My friend. Will Armijo Thank you for having me on man. I’m excited to dive into this conversation right here. It’s going to be Ashish Nathu I really same here, man. I think that, you know, I don’t really know you and I’m really excited for this because I found you through social media and I’ve been following you for a while and really learning a lot about your business, your content, how you show up with all this energy. And I’m like, I gotta have this guy on the podcast. Like I need, I want to learn more. And so I’m really excited that you decided to do this with me and dive deep. And you know, as we were talking about what to talk about right before this, you’re like, yeah, everything’s, nothing’s off limits. Let’s just dive in. So I’m super excited to have this conversation, I guess let’s start with, I want to know a little bit more about you, you know, as we were talking earlier, you live in Phoenix. Tell me a little bit about like where you are and what’s going on with you and tell us a little bit about your you’re in your story. Will Armijo Yup. Yup. So I’m, I’m located out here in Arizona. I’ve been out here for about little over half of my life. Now I moved out here in the middle of high school and short, short story here. I left a small town in New Mexico to pursue baseball. That is why I left a very, very small town. I moved out here to pursue baseball, played at a very good high school. Played four years of college baseball, stayed in school, got a graduate’s degree, started my own business. And in health and wellness kind of left the nine to five system. Wasn’t really, for me, I’m sure everybody’s heard that story a million times, but I’ve got a long backstory to that. And, and now I own a company 100% online in the holistic nutrition space. I’ve started two other companies that are in different sectors. So I, I love the entrepreneur side of starting a business from scratch from, from bringing, bringing something from, from, from a conceptual idea and mapping out that business blueprint and putting the right people into play, to actually bring spring something to market and give something to consumers to add value to their life, make their life better. So anything that I’m either investing money or time into usually has some type of a attack. No, I don’t want to use the word attachment, but some type of link to bettering wellness or bettering health in some way, shape or form. There’s always positivity. And there’s always some health side to that because just all and I’ll wrap this up, but just kind of on me and where my story is is I grew up overweight as a kid. So I was an only child till I was about 13, 14. So when I was about 10 11, that’s about 11 ish. That’s when I started to realize growing up in a small town, I was very chubby, overweight. I grew up on fast food and I really wanted to change my body for two reasons. One, I wanted to be a better baseball player. And two, I honestly just wanted girls to like me, cause I was kind of at that stage in my life where growing up in a small town, like you, you want to be, you, you want to fit in, right? So I wanted girls start liking me and we didn’t have social media back then. So all I had to look at was magazines. I would go with my mom to the grocery store and I would just run over to the magazine department and I’d be flipping through men’s health, muscular development, all those magazines. And I’d see these people who were just insanely fit. And I came from a town where you don’t look like that. So I wanted to be like them. I felt that if I was like that, then I could get to where I want it to go. So that’s when first developed my obsession with diet training and nutrition when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Ashish Nathu Wow. And so that led you like what happened right after that? You just went all in. Will Armijo Yeah. So what happened was the first diet I ever did was the Atkins diet. They did a full secrecy. And I remember I used to tell my mom that I was, you know, going to the mall, drop me off at the mall. And they would always hand me like a 20 right. A 10 or a 20 or something. And I would save that money. And the only nutrition store that we had in my hometown was a GNC. There was one GNC. So I’d take my money, I’d go to GNC and I’d buy, I vividly remembered the chocolate GNC tub of protein. And I didn’t know what I was doing. So I’m, I remember my actually vividly remember my very first protein shake ever. And I mixed it. If you guys listening can imagine lukewarm water, no ice. And the literally one of the first generations of chocolate protein, which was absolutely terrible. And I just remember choking this down, right? I had this visualization of like Rocky drinking, the raw eggs, right? Like this is just what you gotta do to look like those guys in the magazine. So I started the Atkins diet taking supplements and I would, I would run and jump rope in the morning before school started because I was embarrassed, like go to everybody knows each other. So I was embarrassed to go to the gym or make it look like I was trying to lose weight. So I did that in secrecy, literally all through high school, I would, I would show up to the track before school started, I’d run around the track. A lot of what I learned was all trial and error. And then once I saw my body start to change, that’s when I developed like a pure on obsession with nutrition, supplementation, and training. So as I go through, I think I’m going to be a baseball player, my whole life. That’s just what I thought I was going to do. And as I get into college, I have surgery on my arms. I’m this big scar. You can’t really see it, but I have a scar right here. So I was a left-handed pitcher. And the surgery is called Tommy John surgery, which is basically when they cut you open and your tendon snaps off. So they, they get you a new tendon from somewhere else in your body. They wrap it in there to replace the tendon that you had. And it’s about 15 months of rehab. So I had this surgery happened to me in the middle of college, which is going to put a damper on your ability to play professional baseball when you’ve already had surgery in the middle of college. So you, you, you, you don’t, you don’t come back the same. So that’s when I had a big turning point in my life and when I was in school and I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this when they were in school, but I was going to school because of what I thought society wanted me to be. Right. So neither of my parents have college degrees. I was, I’m the first one in both of my families to go to college. And I was a pre-med student because I was like, Ooh, I’m going to go to college. And, and I like science, so I’m going to be a doctor. Well, I’m not knocking New Mexico. I love New Mexico. It’s my home state and Arizona, but they are the two worst education states in the entire United States. I am Booksmart. I am not, I’m a C minus student. So when I got into a pre-med in college, it was like, I was reading a foreign language. And these kids next to me are super smart. And I’m like, how do they understand this? Well, what I realized is I never actually wanted to be a doctor. I switched my major to not nutrition because I didn’t want to be a clinical nutritionist or I wanted to work with people like me, people who were just, just struggling to figure it out. And I didn’t feel there was a degree program for that. So what I ended up doing was switching to business. People thought I was crazy. I switched to business, stay in school an extra two years. And then I enrolled myself into my MBA program because the place I was working, I was working at the university. So they pay for your graduate degree. So I thought, okay, well, if I want to own a business, I have to have an MBA because that’s what people do. They get MBAs. And I realized, I didn’t need that. I didn’t need the pre-med degree. I just needed to have a pair of, you know, what, to just go out there into the marketplace and teach people what I taught myself, work, worked out. Ashish Nathu And now with social media, like, and we’ll talk about this later in the podcast about how people can follow you. But like you show up that way on social media too. It’s, it’s like giving to people and all of those hacks and how you can really improve. I want to talk about nourish and tell us a little bit about that business. What, what it does for people and actually going back to your story as well. The second part of my question is, you know, in all of the things that you’ve tried and tested for the listeners, what are the hacks? What are the things that you found that worked the best and that elevate, you know, the top two or three things, either it’s from fitness or nutrition or supplements, like what are the, what are the top two or three things people should definitely be doing when all the things that you’ve tried. And we’re not just talking about weight loss, like, let’s, let’s be clear, right? You’re not just talking about how to lose weight. We’re talking about how to live with a high amount of energy and vitality and live strong and live long. Like what? So just go into that. Will Armijo So guys, I’m going to save you guys about 15 years, right? All, all, all invoice, all of you listening later. That’s right. Here’s your, here’s what I learned. I learned this diets do not work. They do not work. You are not. If your goal is to lose weight or your goal is to build muscle or your goal is to just feel different or look different. Think about the idea of a diet. And when you think of that word, does it excite you? Does it excite you to start a diet on Monday? As a matter of fact, you’re probably more looking forward to the end date than you are the start date. And even if you have the willpower to succeed through the diet and trust me guys, I did, I didn’t share this earlier, but when I got done playing baseball, I competed in bodybuilding and I did nine bodybuilding shows at the national level over the course of three years. Never cheated on a diet one time. So I can tell you, no matter how hard you work or how disciplined you are in that diet, what happens is the moment that end date approaches, the finish line approaches you through human behavior will reverb that to the habits and the patterns you had before. The average person goes on a diet like six or seven times in their lifetime. As a matter of fact said, over 70% of people who have been on the biggest loser have left the show and gained back all their weight or became heavier than they were before the show, because aggressive dieting does not work. It does not work for your body. So to answer your questions and then I’ll get into nourish a little bit, but here are some things that you could do. This is what I, if I, this is what I wish I knew way back then. Yeah. Give it to us baby anti-inflammatory foods. And literally you could Google it. We, I think we give away a free download, but anti-inflammatory foods. So here’s why don’t worry about measuring how much, all the things here’s, why anti-inflammatory foods are going to change your life. I want you guys to think about this the way you can try to prove me wrong. The root cause of all disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases, you name it, the root cause of all this even viruses. The root cause is inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of all disease. Okay? Coincidentally, coincidentally, all the food that grows from the earth has anti-inflammatory properties. Now all the, almost all the food that man touches and manipulate into something that tastes better or maybe last a little longer, or maybe as bigger or whatever the case may be. Turns inflammatory. If you don’t believe me, look it up. Most of, most of the fast food you eat is produced with seed oils. Seed oils are proven to do one thing cause inflammation in your body. Pharmaceuticals. We need pharmaceuticals. We need Western medicine, but pharmaceuticals because they’re chemical or inflammatory pesticides, herbicides, perfume, the air you breathe and things you put on your skin. Anything that has been created in a lab or manipulated has an inflammatory property. So, and here’s the, here’s the icing on the cake with this statement. You guys have heard about this before. If you don’t believe me, look this up. People have cured themselves from cancer by going on a raw vegan diet. Now can you, can you eat raw vegan for the rest of your life? Absolutely not. But that is proof that when you turn the body, anti-inflammatory your body has the ability to cure itself. Here’s another astonishing stat for you guys. 80% of your body’s immune system is dictated by your gut health. The health of your gut dictates 80% of your immune system. So I just want you guys thinking right now you got a gut problem. You are, you bloated, you feel weird after you eat. Do you feel tired? Do you feel lethargic? You feel like you always got something going on in your gut. You are compromising your immune system. And one thing we don’t want to do right now is compromise our immune system. So that number one anti-inflammatory foods, handout, hands down. The other thing, that’s going to help a lot of people here. Ashish Nathu So hold on one second, one second. Before you go number two. Cause I think so I’m, I’m vegetarian and I’ve played on and off with vegan and I’ve seen huge results in huge change. But like when for somebody who is not really in tune with this, like when you say inflammatory, cause I agree with you holistically about this subject. I mean I do ice baths and ice dipping to really get the core part of our inflammation as low as possible because what’s happening in, in what’s happening to ourselves is that the cells are actually feeding off of this inflammation, which is what causes the cancer and all that. Right. Or maybe not causes it, but it feeds it. So what is really going on at the molecular level when we have that kind of inflammation in our bodies, like, you know, we’re talking about people think about, okay, I’m supposed to eat a lot of kale. And so was he a lot of spinach, you know, maybe lean meat, like so, but what’s really going on at the cellular level. What is inflammation? It’s not fat. Like what, what are we really talking about? Will Armijo So here’s what I’m going to make you, I’m going to give you guys a magic school bus right here. Okay. Let’s do it. Food goes into your gut, into your mouth, goes into your gut and it gets digested into your gut and your stomach acid breaks everything down. It organizes, it classifies things. And the whole intention is to take what you put in your stomach and convert it into something that can go into your bloodstream to help you on a cellular level. Right? Right. Your body does not discriminate. It sees things very black and white. It doesn’t go, okay. This is, this is a state from, from a steakhouse. And this is something you cooked at home. All it sees is proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals. That’s it. Anything that it can not use it be toxins out. Your body is very efficient for survival. It has one job and that is to survive. So it pulls in what you eat and it goes, oh, there’s a protein. I’m going to use protein for this. Oh, there’s a carbohydrate. I’m how many use a carbohydrate for energy? Oh, there’s fat. We’re going to use fat over here. Oh, there’s vitamins minerals, electrolytes. Cool. We need those now the foreign subject. So think about the last time you had a candy bar, you ate fast food or you ate something that had a bad ingredient or even something that was colored, right? A scientist made this candy, red and purple Skittles. Right? Right. Your body cannot use the colors in the Skittles. It can not use it. It can not use the things that don’t allow your body to function. So here’s my point. When needs foreign objects enter into the bloodstream, your body’s number one job is to be talks to the mouth. Anything that is inflammatory, your body cannot use. So it gets into your body and it starts to, it starts to inflame things. Inflames, the cells, inflames the walls of your arteries and Plains. Everything. You feel inflamed yourself. Your gut feels in place Ashish Nathu As you’re trying to eradicate it. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. Will Armijo Your body’s always trying to eradicate. I’m gonna explain this. He’s gonna make a lot of sense to you guys. Now when that inflammation is in there, chronic inflammation lasts for a very long period of time. It is called a chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is an auto-immune disease. Every autoimmune disease is chronic inflammation in the body. That’s how they start. That’s how autoimmune diseases start. And that is your body attacking itself because of the inflammation that’s going on. Which Rex have it internally. Now here’s the problem that most people have is when you feel a symptom because your body is, is so intelligent, it gives you signs and symptoms. Some people get rashes. Some people are bloated. Some people are tired. Some people can’t lose weight. What happens is your body gives you signs and symptoms. And then you go and you suppress the signs and symptoms with something over the counter or some type of pharmaceutical, never identifying the root cause, which really just puts a mask over this, this ball of whatever that’s happening. And then you have major problems down the road. Now I will say this, let me just address the elephant in the room. Nobody’s going to be perfect. If you think you’re never going to, I know you’re vegetarian, but if you think you’re never going to eat a burger again or pasta added at a nice Italian spot, you’re not going to dip into the bread basket again. Then just stop listening because you’re aligned with yourself. You are going to indulge because we are humid. Ashish Nathu Yeah. We’re, we’re here to enjoy it. Human experience. Absolutely. Will Armijo We’re here to enjoy the human experience. So to me, it’s, what’s the cheat code. If you can understand how the body detox, you have learned the cheat code to your blueprint, which allows you to play with those foods and have fun with those foods or continue to stay healthy. And here’s why when you were younger and you were drinking, your hangover was like six hours. When you get older, your hangovers like six dates. I need like four days to read them. Like, you know what I mean? Not 21 anymore. You eat fast food, nothing happens. You candy, nothing happens, right? We all used to say, oh, that’s that’s the metabolism. It is. But it isn’t. Here’s what happens in the body, in the body guys. And this is your chief of this is understanding the CIPA. You have five detoxing organs, your intestines, your lungs, your liver, your kidneys, and your skin there. Those five organs keep you alive. Without those organs toxicity that enters your body through the air, you breathe through the stuff that absorbs through your skin, through the things you eat and consume that talks to would kill you. That’s that’s what it will do. It will kill. You will throw off pH balances. It’ll throw up the chemistry. Your body will kill you. So your body’s detoxing organs. They take those and they get them out. That’s why you sweat. That’s why you go to the bathroom. That’s why all the mech. And that’s why you have lungs to Dede, obviously, to convert as well, but to detox the air, right? Filters the air. So imagine this. As you age those organs, age to your liver ages, your kidneys, age, your intestines age, guys. This is not about having a six pack. This is not about having a certain body fat percentage. Maybe you are in it for hell and vitality and to live a long, happy, energetic life. You focus on the inside because your external appearance will be a by-product of your internal health. It’s not really about losing weight. Your body will regularly its weight. Naturally, if you focus on your internal health, cause you’re not trying to manipulate anything or a six pack. So these talk about those spots. Go ahead. No, go ahead. Go finish. So if you think about those five detoxing, organs, think about it. Think about it like this. Imagine you have a cup. Okay. And on the bottom of the cup, there’s these hoses and each hose goes to a different meat. Detoxing organs, you got five hoses coming out of the bottom of this cup on top of the cup is the toxicity. So it’s coming in through your mouth, on what you eat, the air you breathe and what absorbs for your skin. Your toxicity is coming in from three mechanisms and it’s leading through five. What happens when you’re young and these organs are processing like engines of a brand new Ferrari, they’re pulling that toxicity down. Cool. No problem. We’ve got you detox it right out. As these organs start to age and you start to become less active. So the metabolism is down a little bit. The toxicity in this cup starts to fill up and more is coming in than is going out, which is called toxic spillover in your body. So the toxicity now Besters in your bloodstream and now everything starts to wreck habit, auto immune diseases, fibroid problems, adrenal problems, hormone problems. And to top it all off guys, toxicity stores itself in body fat, right? That’s why, when you’re really overweight and you do a detox, does it feel good? No. It feels like shit, because your Ashish Nathu Body’s telling you stop. Will Armijo Well, your body, here’s what it’s doing. It’s take, it’s pulling the toxicity out of your fat cells. And now it’s in the bloodstream so that your organs can be toxic. And that’s why you feel so terrible when you’re doing a detox, because the toxicity was literally occupying real estate in your fat cells. And that’s also why you couldn’t lose weight, no matter how hard you try pass, it would not go away because that’s what’s housing that toxicity. Ashish Nathu So I guess in, in that line of thinking like, so are there certain types of foods? I mean, we can go, we could spend hours and hours on this. So really, really exciting. But are there certain types of foods that are like the top two or three culprits? Like you said, fast food, sugar colored things like non-natural foods, but like what about dairy? What about coffee? Things that are highly, highly acidic, right? Like we talk a lot, people talk a lot about acidic and basic types of foods. Should we all be having green juices every day? Like what, what are the things that are what’s before I say what we should be doing? Tell us what we should definitely not be doing. Right. And what are the things that are adding into that toxic overflow? Will Armijo So minimizing gluten, dairy and processed sugar. Okay. And I know that’s a tough pill to swallow. I said, minimize, minimize guys. I say minimize because you, you Ashish Nathu Challenging to eliminate. Will Armijo They are hiding everywhere. Yeah. Everywhere, intentional. I mean, we could go down a whole nother rabbit conversation of how I feel about how our food is made and how big food does it and why they do it the way they do it. But gluten, dairy, gluten, dairy, and processed sugar purely caused inflammation in your body. So this is my perception of, of food. The things that I put in or on my body every single day need to be anti-inflammatory that gives me the room and flexibility to have the fun stuff. When I go out to eat, when I want to go, I don’t have to go order a salad with the dressing on the side and not touch the bread basket. That’s never going to work for you. I don’t care how much willpower you get to an age you’ll get. Cause you’ll get to an age where you’re just going to say ethic. I don’t. Right. And then your health just goes, Ashish Nathu Right? Yeah. I’ve seen a big difference in non non-dairy. I mean, I’m vegetarian, so, but I’m, I’m big in the gluten and the breads and like, I just love bread. So, but you’re right. But like, and, and what about, what about coffee? What’s your opinion about coffee? Cause I’ve kind of tossed on and off about coffee and I know it’s, you know, it, it can be good for you, but it’s really acidic as well. And I play with it with a intermittent fasting diets. So I kind of start my morning within a very highly acidic drink. But like you have any thoughts about that? Will Armijo I am a full blown coffee addict. Okay. I think I need to see a therapist for how addicted I am to coffee. Okay. So here’s my take on coffee guys. The majority of coffee out there in the world is bad for you. If you are going to consume coffee, things like the coffee you’re making at your house, or, you know, whatever your routine is. Again, I always refer back to the daily stuff. It needs to be organic. It needs to be organic. And if you can drink it black, or if you’re going to use a creamer or a sweetener, do something that’s organic and plant-based. And if you’re going to do a sweetener, do not use sugar cubes and white sugar use organic Stevia, organic Monkfruit. If you want to throw in some organic honey throw in some organic honey, but I drink black, organic coffee, guys. Coffee is not technically bad for you. As a matter of fact, there’s a million health benefits to coffee. Here’s where coffee turns back. Coffee is the highest pesticide sprayed crop in the world. Copy is one of the number one demands in this impact on this entire planet is coffee. So because of the market has to mass produce coffee because of supply and demand, right? They are using the most intense, the most saturated pesticides. You are drinking those pesticides. And not only that flavored coffee, so like not the plane, Ashish Nathu Right. Will Armijo Labored, right? Like, you know what I’m talking about? Ashish Nathu Nyla bean or like whatever, like, you know, nutmeg bean or so that’s all fake. Will Armijo That’s all artificial laboring, right? Which is toxic. So you’re adding you think you’re just fine and dandy drinking your black coffee, but really drinking chemicals from a lab to create that flavor tone and pesticides herbicides, you name it. So the coffee is going into your body and your stomach is going, what the hell is this? Right? You’re the first thing you’re going to put in me is a bunch of pesticides and artificial sweeteners, artificial color, or non colors, but artificial flavorings, like what am I supposed to do with this? So switching to organic game changer every once in a while, I’m on a road trip and I got to stop at a gas station. Then I remember back to the cup. I have freed up so much room that when I do have that stuff, my body can handle Detoxy it out. So that’s a big thing with coffee. I always recommend people to switch. If they can try switching to a tea, matcha tea with some almond milk or some oatmeal or some coconut milk is absolutely amazing. It’s caffeinated it’s, it’s got anti-oxidants in it. Matcha green tea was fire. Ashish Nathu That’s awesome. Do you, as you’re working with people and you get clients and people started talking about what’s going on, like, what are the biggest misconceptions about all this work? Like I think we kind of touched on a little bit like, oh, I gotta, I gotta run. And that’s the way for me to lose weight and be healthy or like, you know what, I, I, you know, I need to eat green foods. Like what are the biggest myths, I guess let’s do some MythBusters here in, in this space. Like what are the things that the common misconceptions in the health and fitness industry Will Armijo Overtraining and under eating is probably the biggest misconception is that when people want to get healthy or lose weight, they think eat less workout more. Couldn’t be more opposite. Could not be more opposite Ashish Nathu And more about diet than even hours of calorie burn. Will Armijo Yeah. Because you’re, you’re also causing a lot of stress on your body, right? It’s stressful. Like it is stressful. Exercise is technically good. Stress is right. But there’s also mental stress that I think is there’s a lot of awareness coming to that now, like stress and anxiety and depression, mental stress is showing to degrade health. Absolutely physical stress can be beneficial for you if you’re training and working out. What a lot of people, what happens is they train really, really hard. And then they eat less nutrients, which causes the body to literally fight you back. So here’s one thing that’s, that’s very important to understand guys is your body is always in survival mode. So if it sees that it’s exercising 10 times more aggressively than it ever has, and it’s consuming less calories, less, less vitamins minerals and nutrients, your body just thinking about this, this makes perfect sense. Your body lowers its metabolism to stay in homeostasis because your causing a demand and your not increasing the food or that demand. So instead that’s your metabolism going? I need nutrients to survive. What you’re putting me through when you feed it less, your body is so smart. It just goes, all right. Well, I’m just going to lower my metabolism because if this is what you’re going to give me, I’m going to store. This is where I need to stay. And to your point, it will store excess body fat because body fat, all it is is stored energy. That’s all is body fat converts to glucose. Glucose is energy, which is probably why you even heard of or do intermittent fasting. Ashish Nathu So what you’re saying is like, if we’re going to increase our fitness or increase our work workouts or the time we spend, we actually need to increase our calorie intake. Yeah. Wow. I never even think thought about that. Are there, are there ways to increase our metabolism? Will Armijo That’s a, that’s a tricky one. So this is what you typically find. So here’s what happens for a lot of people. When they come into my program is we give them more food and they’re terrified, oh my God, this is a lot of food. I can’t eat this much food. Jocelyn, just stick it out. Then what happens is they start to become extremely hungry and then they start to lose weight because the food is forcing your metabolic rate to rates. A calorie, a unit of calories is defined by your body’s internal body temperature raising to break down that calorie. That’s why it’s called the K Cal. Right? If you look up the science, it’s all about heat in the body, raising body temperature. That’s why when you show your body that more food is coming in, you can actually raise your metabolism by eating more food, which is so like bizarre opposite of what we were conditioned to the pain, everything. So, yeah, Ashish Nathu I love that. So we’re talking about the right nutrition, increasing volume of the right nutrition. So is intermittent fasting actually counterintuitive to that then? Will Armijo No. So I actually practice intermittent fasting kind of naturally on a day-to-day basis, intermittent fasting. Here’s why it’s vital for our society today. Our foods, we don’t grow and consume foods like we did hundreds and hundreds of years ago, we don’t eat seasonally like we’re supposed to, we don’t eat a majority of our food from fruits and vegetables from the earth. We’re not hunting our protein. We’re not doing the work to date. So what the reason intermittent fasting is so valuable because of what I touched on earlier, processed chemicals, gluten dairy, those are all hard to digest. So you consume, right? I think it takes the digestive track like six to eight hours to fully digest meat because meat is a protein, it’s a thick substance and anything that has fat in it slows down digestion that slows down digestion. That’s what it does. So if you’re consuming a high fat processed Neal, whatever the case may be, it takes longer for your body to digest. So intermittent fasting is very valuable because it allows your body time to break down, digest, utilize absorb vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, and clear out your digestive track. Most people are just food on top stacking and stacking and stacking. And that’s why you’re lethargic, but why you’re tired all the time. That is why you’re tired. Ashish Nathu I want to ask you a specific question for me, but also I think maybe hopefully the listeners can listen to this and get some value, but you know, we’re in a season of COVID, we’re recording this in January of 2022. Omni is thriving. People are getting sick all over and in my own personal experience, it hit me pretty hard. And I was, I’m happy to say on this, you know, in this forum, like I was vaccinated and I got my butt handed to me. And so, but the one thing about that was like, I really had fatigue and exhaustion in a way that I normally don’t operate from. What is your advice to people during this time? Like, you know, I, I love how we talked about all the inflammatory foods and what’s causing inflammation in your body because you actually can increase your immunity proteins to make sure that if you do get sick, you recover faster. Are there special things we should be thinking about in terms of our diet, our habits, our behaviors, perhaps even while we’re sick or after we get sick and not just because of COVID, but maybe it’s the flu. Maybe it’s something else. Any kind of thoughts you have to share about that. Will Armijo Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I can go on all day Ashish Nathu We could talk for hours. I could tell about this. Like we can go to a lot of wormholes. Will Armijo Well, you know, one thing that’s so interesting to me about all of this is I sit very centric. Okay. So I’m not, I’m not anti backs, but I’m also not pro backs. Right? Right. I like to see what, what, what are we looking at here? Like let’s have a bird’s eye view. Let’s, let’s remove yourself from the noise and really analyze this situation to be your own type of blueprint. So your, your immune system is extremely valid. It’s body armor, it’s body armor. So how your immune system thrives is by one, keeping inflammation down, keeping body toxicity down because your immune system is gonna fight for your organs. First, it’s going to fight to keep you alive. So if you have an inflamed body or a toxic body and old virus penetrates into that, that is like the perfect environment for a virus to thrive. It’s perfect because it’s just hiding under all the things that your body’s trying to fix, that you do it every day, that virus is just lurking underneath. It’s not, it’s not like it penetrated the wall and came in and you got a bunch of soldiers there, which is your immune system. Like, dude, bring it on your body’s already turned up the bite things, using its immune system for internal problems that you’ve created because of your environment. So when you reduce inflammation, reduce body toxicity, that’s crucial. Being outside is crucial. The sunlight vitamin D, if you can’t get some, then you need to be on a vitamin D supplement. That is so crucial. So for your immune system, it’s crucial and the movement I see movement. I don’t say exercise, right care. What kind of exercise you do? So Ashish Nathu Know as you’re moving, Will Armijo As long as you’re moving, because movement causes blood circulation, it raises the metabolic rate. It raises the heart rate. It conditions your lungs. Let me say that again. What’s going on with COVID. What are people who are in the hospitals? They’re on ventilators. A lot of those people who are on ventilators, I think there was a study like how many of them were obese or have some type of pre-existing condition on people who are on ventilators. Your lungs are not conditioned. If you have conditioned the lungs from moving, you’re giving yourself more of a fighting chance on top of creating a strong internal environment to fight any virus going forward. It’s anybody. And that doesn’t matter if you’re, if you have the vaccine or not, it doesn’t matter. You would be crazy to come attack me as a vaccinated. If you are backstage person and you’re attacking me, but you are not healthy. That makes zero sense because a vaccine is going to help protect you from that to variant, it is like having a very specific body armor. Like you got triple body armor, right, right here, but not on your whole body right here. Either triple armor, nothing’s getting through that, but you’ve just opened up places for other barriers to come through for other versions of the virus to come through for the flu to come through for strep throat to come through, right. Keep your natural immunity. This would be the cheat code for Ashish Nathu Me. This is the cheat code. Yeah, you’re right. Will Armijo If you want to get the vaccine, then have the vaccine. So it’s your double armor against that barrier. But now protect yourself. Don’t go get a vaccine and then go, go get fast food and sit on your couch and watch and watch the, watch the media all day and be mad at everybody. You’re going to get the virus is going to punch you in the face. Ashish Nathu One of the things, I mean, I love how you frame that whole section because you’re right. It, it doesn’t really matter where you are in this whole accident thing, right? Cause if you get the vaccine, that’s great. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not moving. You have a high amount of inflammation in your body. Like it, you’re still susceptible to it. And I, myself takes such good care of myself. And yet it affected me that way. And I run, I’ve been running for a couple of decades and still like your lungs get so affected. And so if you’re not really conditioning yourself, there’s some real lasting impacts. I love how you’ve shared that. I mean, it’s pretty obvious about why you do this. I, you can just see the passion and the energy as you talk about these subjects. Will Armijo I’ll say I just wanted one more thing on that because I wanted to pull up a thing on my phone. So a Stanford study was released showing that fat cells were the second highest concentrated area of COVID behind the lungs. Elevated blood sugar was found in over 90% of ventilated patients and 75% of patients who had died, elevated blood sugar, the two primary factors to elevated blood sugar and excess body fat processed food, processed oils, seed oils, processed sugar. Obesity has a complete direct link to it because it lives. It stores itself in the fat cells and elevated blood sugar causes what inflammation, that’s what it causes. Ashish Nathu I know, and where I was going with that is like, I can totally tell you, get fired up. I’ve I’ve loved this conversation. And I love your passion in, in all of this work that you’re doing. What do you, why do you do it? What is your, what do you hope to leave behind? Why, why, what gets you so jazzed about this? And I know that you do it for yourself for your own personal benefit, but the way you show up in the world, how you try to serve others, how you share all this information. So freely and openly, what are you really trying to achieve for yourself? Will Armijo To me? My, my goal is to create a legacy that will outlive me. This, this really, this really stopped being about me a long time ago. And I’ll say I’m fortunate to believe that. And think that way at a young age, I think that I grew up a lot younger than I, than I normal people do because of the experiences that I went through. I would shoot him that we have over 20 years of nutrition supplement and exercise experience. And I’m 34, I’ve over 20 years. So this is my life. So I’ve realized that one of my, one of my reasons for being here at missions in life is to create something that is sustainable. That is, that is education driven to help the masses, help millions of people rebuild their health, because I already went through it for you. I spent the 20 years trial and error, every supplement, every diet, challenging people, questioning the narrative, questioning the system, diving into the research. And I took all that and I put it into a program. And right now it’s just a program, but the goal for nourish nourish will be, we will go IPO. We will be the number one health and wellness company. And this will, there will be a corporate office. And it will outlive me for a very long time, but it will be the standard of health. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m just leading with what we do now, because we can help people immediately. But what’s the comments, telemedicine supplement lines. We have lab testing. We’re going to bring on professional coaches. We will be your go-to. We will be the app on your phone that tells you these are the anti-inflammatory foods. This is how body toxicity works. These are trusted and formulated products that you can take that are 100% organic. You need lab testing. It’s right there in the app. You need access to coaches that right here in the app, that it, the future of nourish. That is what I want to leave behind is something that changed the course of health. Because if you look at it right now, it’s going to be opposite directions. It is really in, we have a trillion dollar health and wellness industry, and we’re scheduled to be 50% obese. No. Ashish Nathu Why do you think, why do you think this system is? And I shouldn’t say the system, cause we could talk about that for a long time. Why have we failed so poorly at this? Like we’ve, it’s so bad. It’s all driven by capitalism. Will Armijo It’s all driven by money. I mean, it’s clearly obvious. Like there are foods that we consume in the United States that are illegal to cross the borders in other countries. In fact, there’s foods that we consume in the United States that potent will not allow in his country. He will not allow these ingredients in his country because they will degrade and degregate the health of these people. Australia, even Australia is crazy. This is the most. This is when my mind was blown. When I saw big food companies and big supplement companies having to change their formulations, to sell in Australia and New Zealand, because the countries demanded them to be healthier. If you already formulated a healthier version, why wouldn’t you sell it to your people in the United States? Why would you sell us the more unhealthy version? Why, what is the intention? Profits profit, right? Profit margin. So when you get, and I’m fascinated in this is I’m getting into Ashish Nathu Yeah, sure. Yeah. Yeah. There’s always so much more information to learn about all of this. Like as research comes out too, right? It’s we improve Will Armijo We’re at, we’re becoming educated. That’s all that matters. We could sit here and talk about it all day. We could talk about all this company is doing now, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The only way that I’m going to make a difference is not through my own voice. It’s going to be empowering other people through education. Because if I can get millions of people to be educated, they can make their own informed choices. People do not make their own informed choices. You think it’s true, but God you think the God milk signs were about to help you become more nutritious from milk. Ashish Nathu Yeah, Will Armijo You’re right. Hell no. They were. That was for one reason they needed to drive up margins. They have lobbyists in Washington, they pushed it, they funded it. And now you’ve got hundreds of millions of people drinking, terrible quality milk makes no, Ashish Nathu I guess as we wrap up, I want to ask you one personal question for you. What does it mean to live a rich life? Will Armijo To me, living, living a rich life is being able to stay present and being able to stay in the moment because I’ve, I’ve made a lot of money. I’ve lost money. I’ve had money. I haven’t, I’ve been around great people. I’ve been around bad people. And again, I just think I’ve been fortunate enough to go through a lot of experiences in my life. And what I value the most is time and being present and being in the moment because I can’t in that moment, you can’t be manipulated by expectations and all these things being promised to you and all, and then being, being so caught up in things that have happened in your past. Like that. To me, that’s rich. Like if you can live in the moment and be fully present and interact, it’s beautiful. You’re, you’re dangerous. You’re dangerous person. Ashish Nathu It’s beautiful, man. Look, I really appreciate you. And all this really, really great value in content. And you know, you could search you on social media and find will. And he, he gives away so much content, so much information. So I really encourage people to follow you. We’ll put your links in. So is Instagram the best way for people to get ahold of you? Yep. Yeah. So we’ll put your links in the, in the show notes and you know, people can search for will Arma heal and just love this episode. Thank you so much will and really honor you for all the work you’re doing for people and everyone around all the world to just live healthier, more vitality lives. So thank you brother. Appreciate you. Will Armijo Thank you for having me on man. It was, it was an amazing experience to chat with you. You ask amazing questions. So thank you for keeping it flowing the way you did. And I, I got just as much value out of this as you did, and probably all of our listeners. So thank you. Ashish Nathu Thank you brother. Narrator Thank you for listening to the Rich equation podcast with Ashish Nathu. Do you want more ideas on how to live rich? Go to for show notes and resources. Then take one minute to leave Ashish a five-star review on apple podcasts.

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