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Ep. 44 | Peter Harrington – What is Your Zone of Genius?


January 25, 2022

1:05 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Peter Harrington. Ashish and Peter discuss the impact of our mind, body, spirit and soul connection and how they work together. Ashish and Peter explain how success compounds on success and why we need to focus on our zones of genius. Peter tells us how he overcomes his ‘off days’ and the tools he uses to remain an intentional husband and father. Ashish and Peter talk about how we can achieve personal fulfilment and professional fulfilment simultaneously. Finally, Ashish and Peter discuss impostor syndrome and share how we won’t find growth looking at other people and their achievements.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Peter – 5:32 – Peter speaks about the mind, body, spirit and soul connection and how when one is not doing well they all suffer 6:13 – Peter states that if you focus on what you lack then you don’t get to hone in on what you’re superpowers are 9:52 – Peter mentions how success compounds on success 13:40 – Peter talks about people being paid to do tasks that are below their skill level 15:58 – Peter shares how he overcomes ‘off days’ 20:14 – Ashish asks Peter what drives his desire to be an intentional father and husband 25:50 – Peter mentions how he will be asking himself what are the greatest things I can do and what is my zone of genius during 2022 28:45 – Peter mentions how last year he tripled his business whilst also having incredible year personally 29:40 – Ashish asks Peter what he wants his legacy to be 34:15 – Peter states that if something doesn’t feel right, re-evaluate everything and then don’t be scared to make tough choices and have the faith to follow through with your decisions 34:45 – Ashish asks Peter if he is afraid of anything 35:00 – Peter speaks about imposter syndrome 36:35 – Ashish states that you’re not going to have any growth by looking at other people and their achievements 38:45 – Peter talks about how life gives you the test first and the lesson afterwards 39:24 – Ashish asks Peter what is means for him to live rich 40:45 – You can contact Peter through Instagram @PeterHarrington.ig


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Let’s Connect!


Ashish Nathu Hey, welcome back to the rich equation podcast. Today, I am joined by an amazing human being. Peter Harrington. Peter is a veteran in the electronic payments industry since 2008. He has worked with over 4,000 businesses, helping them reduce costs, understanding a complex industry and streamline cash flows for their business. Most recently he founded impact payments in 2019, continuing his passion for working with business owners, but even more importantly, Peter is a loving husband present father of two with one on the way, the way this guy shows up in life and his mindset is like no other. I have learned so much from him and I’m honored to call him a close friend. He’s one of the most focused and clear human beings that I know and what he can do when he puts his mind to it. As dangerous. In this episode, we talk about Peter’s routine. What helps him get into the mindset of greatness? We talk about how we can choose everything in our life and how we need to focus on creating awareness and intention in what we let into our life. And even for such a strong and positive guy like Peter, how imposter syndrome and how the fear of failing can overcome us and what we can do to keep in the right mindset to achieve our greatest life. I am super proud of this guy. I can’t wait for you to hear this without any further ado. Here he is Peter Harrington. And remember if you enjoy this podcast or find it valuable in any way, you have a duty to share with someone else who may indeed hear this message or can get value from this content and remember to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review so we can continue to bring massive value to you and go to our website. The Ritchie equation, to be added to our mailing list for special access and content. Now here’s the episode.

Narrator Welcome to the rich equation podcast. Are you ready to discover how to live rich today and not wait for retirement? If you’re tired of struggling and want to live your best life now, your in the right place, outdated principles will no longer work in today’s environment. It’s time for a new approach. Your host will help you discover methods to live the new American dream. It’s time to start living the good life on your own terms and experience a new way to live rich. Now here’s your host Ashish Nathu

Ashish Nathu Mr. Peter Harrington. Welcome to the show. My friend. It is so good for you to be here. I’m so excited.

Peter Harrington I’m so honored. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Ashish Nathu Yeah. I, I, I’m really honored that you’re here. I, I have been blessed with your relationship and our friendship over the last few months, and we’ve connected a few times and have just loved our conversations. And so when I thought about, you know, you coming on the show, I was so excited. Cause I, you have so much to give and there’s so much to learn from you. And I’m really excited to just go deep today. So I can’t wait.

Peter Harrington I’m so excited. Thanks. Thanks so much for having me. And yeah, this is, this is, this is new for me. I don’t do a lot of things. Fantastic. I’m I’m, I’m excited. Let’s go.

Ashish Nathu So one of the things that is very apparent from you and obviously a lot of the listeners don’t know you personally, but I’ve had the privilege of spending time with you and doing fun things and connecting and really going deep in some of the challenges that we’ve both dealt with in our life. The last, you know, couple of quarters let’s say, and you know, one of the things that’s incredibly apparent when people meet Peter, is that beyond you’re just a tall, handsome, studly, strong dude. You are incredibly energetic. You have. And, and not, and I don’t mean like, oh, you’re bubbly. Like you have a power and an energy and a presence and a it’s contagious and it’s, it’s grounding. And it’s this joyful power that you bring to anywhere you go and all the rooms that you, you know, every room that you’re in and the relationships that you really pour into people like I, and I’ve learned so much about how you show up for people the way you do.

Ashish Nathu I want to get into that. I want to know what that secret is. How do you do that? Where does that come from? And, you know, I guess for you, like, what’s the story that you’re telling yourself as you do that, like, it’s such a magical, beautiful presence that you have about yourself. And I, and I’m really being sincere and honest that like, there are very few people in my life that I’ve ever experienced that have that level of presence and joy and energy. So I want to honor that in you, but I also want to learn from it, right? I want to be able to share that with the audience of a, like, how can we learn a little bit about those hacks and those tips on how Mr. Peter Harrington decides to show up. So with that, that’s how we’re going to start bro straight. Boom,

Peter Harrington Thank you for that. That, that meant a lot to hear you say that. So a couple of things for me, it really definitely comes down to mind, body spirit, soul connection, and integration across everything. If, if there’s one part of my life is not doing well, that’s going to seep into all other areas. And so it’s kind of simultaneously leaning into my strengths, what I’m really, really good at and honing those in. You know, we’ve all heard about focus on your weaknesses and work on your weaknesses. That actually leaves you in a stuck place. Because a lot of times you’ll be going through life going. I’m just such a failure. I’ve got all this stuff that I’m bad at. Like I’m not good at math, or I’m not good at public speaking or blah, blah, blah. If you focus on what you laugh, then you don’t actually get to hone in on where your superpowers are. What is your greatest area of value that you can bring to any situation? Whether it’s a personal, a business, whatever that is. So one of the things,

Ashish Nathu Wow, that was powerful. That’s damn good stuff, man, right there. Thank you.

Peter Harrington Thank you. I focus on starting my day off. Like I I’ve, I’ve gone four years, basically 300, 360 plus workouts a year. So like I’ll, I’ll miss less than 3, 3, 3 days a year. That’s always been something. Just put it on the books. If there is going to happen, no matter what that’s nonnegotiable for me. And then a few other key bio hacks, if you will, don’t want to bore everybody with those, but you know, adequate water intake. I mean the

Ashish Nathu Don’t don’t don’t think you’re boring. Don’t think you’re boring us. Cause this is the, this is the magic, right? Like working out every single day, no exception like pouring into your body, making sure that your body is as strong as possible. And again, you’re sick. You’re what are you like? Six, five, like six, six

Peter Harrington I’m not the quarterback giant that you may think I am

Ashish Nathu Sure you’re ripped is hell yeah. Your street. Exactly. Okay. So then keep going from there.

Peter Harrington So the biggest thing for me on the body connection side is like, if, if I’m not doing well, everybody else in my world is going to suffer as a result. And so a lot of times people think is noble too. Like I’m sacrificing and I’m taking care of other people and those types of things. And I don’t want to take away from that. I really found for me that like, I’m the common denominator in every other relationship in my life. And so for me to be the best possible version that I was intended to be is actually my greatest gift that I can give to them. I’m going to take that 60 to 90 minutes every day to start myself off in the trajectory that I know is best for me in this body, this soul, this, this mind that I have. So that then I can show up to be the best version of me for everybody else that I meet throughout the rest of the day.

Ashish Nathu I love that. I want to get back to where you were going with the water and all the other hacks. But like, I know that sounds so obvious, but it never really hit me about like, yeah, you’re right. You’re we are the common denominator, all the relationships in our life. And if we’re not doing great, then, you know, and I think for me, like, and I, and I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you, but like I had, COVID maybe two to three weeks ago. And ever since like, my routine has been completely whack and it’s been really challenging to get back into a good vibe, state, good energy state, and I’m here fully present today. So I’m excited for that. But like, it’s been, I’ll be honest, it’s been a struggle and I’m much more of a routine to guy, but it’s been really difficult for me to create those moments for myself. And I can tell how it pours into the other relationships, you know, with my spouse or my kids, or just like operating from low energy. It’s like, it kills me. And which is why I’m so excited to be here with you today because you, you really make this so important in the way you operate. So, okay, now let’s get into the hacks, go

Peter Harrington Well, success compounds on success. And I love what you talked about there a second ago. If you, if you get a win and then you’re able to get another one after that, the second and third and fifth and 20th when after the first couple are way easier. Yeah. By the time you start off, it’s sort of like, am I going to start off my day and get away and right off the bat, you know what? I can go get a glass of water and go get going on what I can do. Or, you know, I can sit here in front of my phones, rolling social media, doing different things like that. But for me, it really comes down to what’s the trajectory that I will choose for my life, as opposed to what choices am I going to make that then other people’s choices become my life. You know, am I on the sidelines or I’m out there on the field playing well, you, I, I choose to engage on my life and crush it and get a, get a win for me. If it’s on the physical, like I can go and get that win and, and get that done, which then sets the positive tone for the rest of the day.

Ashish Nathu So good. So good. And we, we talked a few months ago about some things that were going on with my life and you know, you said this word choose. And I remember how much it resonated with me because, you know, I was, I was going off about what all the things are going on in my life and all the challenges and this and that. And then I wasn’t complaining, but I was telling my own story and you just stopped me in my tracks. And you’re like, dude, what are you choosing right now in this moment? Like, what are you going to decide? What are you going to choose from this moment forward? And it’s so empowering, like to decide on what you’re going to choose. What are you going to choose to listen to? What are you going to choose to do? Who are you going to choose to spend time with? Who are you going to choose to shut out? Like, it’s all the things that we choose for our life. So man, you’ve had such an impactful, such an impact on my life, man. Okay. What else let’s get, let’s get more detailed. I want to know the water. I want to know the vitamins. I want like what makes P what else?

Peter Harrington Okay. Well, I mean, just a couple of things for me. Like I would rather invest thousands of dollars and in a grocery budget, that’s going to basically take care of me now as opposed to save money. And then it’s going to explode on me later. So for me, you know, for, for most, you know, a family of four with another baby on the way my grocery budget is stupid, you know, four or 5,000 bucks a month kind of stupid. And, and I would rather invest that now, as opposed to then, you know, let me cut corners here, here, here, here on the preventative side, you know, an algebra wrench is worth a pound of cure. I don’t want to be firebombing myself in my forties or fifties or sixties when my world’s falling apart, my body shutting down, or my I’m not mentally in the space where I need to be. So it is obvious. It is obvious. And like you, you mentioned the choose the choose part. So a lot of people have this mindset of, we don’t have the money for something. actually throw that back and say, you’re choosing to spend your money somewhere else or choosing to spend your time or choosing to invest in these activities. I do want to talk business. So I’m going to first and business stuff in here. I see a lot of people doing 20 and $30 an hour work when their actual talents are 500 to $5,000 an hour work, but I have to do this and I have to do that. And I have to do the other thing. And it’s literally approaching your life from the standpoint and the mindset of a victim, like all these other decisions that other people made for me. And now I have to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So whether that’s your kids, that’s your marriage, that’s your business, your job, whatever you’re doing, a boss, the place that you’re living, all these things in your life are actually like if you sat down and, and put them out on a, on a, on a sheet and said, what do I choose for myself? And what is in alignment with the highest and best version of me and then challenge everything. But again, in the last six, seven years, I’ve had to challenge everything several times and it’s actually, it gets you to a much more empowered place when you’re not, you’re not looking at it from a standpoint of I’m stuck in something, I’m the martyr, I’m the victim. I have to do this, blah, blah, blah. That’s propelling energy. That’s going to keep you perpetually stuck in that lie for a long time, until you get to you, choose something different.

Ashish Nathu So I right now choose, I’m going to choose to work out every single day for the whole year, riding in front of you on this podcast right now, I want this routine cheers brother. And I love how I love how intentional you are about starting the day, because, and, and I talk about the routine as a major part of the Ritchie equation, because I’ve never really had a routine in my life until the last couple of years. And it’s so important to be able to really set the tone in the morning and take control. And I guess my question is for you is, do you ever have an off day, like, do you ever have a day where you get your routine in, you work out right? You start with your morning routine, but like, you just can’t get into that, that energy or that flow or that momentum like, and what do you do when that happens?

Peter Harrington Question and the answer is yes, absolutely. I’m, I’m human. Like the rest of them. I put my Pants on the Way everybody else does, but, but honestly, there’s a few things that, so a little bit about humanity, if you will, when you’re aware of the distractions that you go down, when you’re avoiding something. So we have this walking distraction thing, which, you know, we have tied to our hip in our pocket, whatever 24, 7, 365 is what it feels like. And the alert, the notifications, the emails, the text, the, the, whatever, all of that is other people messaging me. And, and then it’s easy for me to go, oh, and I jumped in and I looked at that. I turned 95% of the law because when I am not in a place of focus and then something comes along and it’s like, oh, I want to check that email. And I go, and I check that I just derailed myself and it might be 30 to 90 minutes later before I get back on track. So choosing ahead of time to eliminate 90% of the distractions that could potentially happen. You know, when I, when I want to get on social media, I choose to get on social media. I don’t want social media pinging me constantly about, you know, this message down as is the other thing, or whether email or if it’s playing chess or, you know, whatever, whatever your thing is proactively putting a fence up ahead of time is actually one of the best ways that you can do that. The other thing that I’ve really implemented in the last four to six months, and this was actually, it came directly out of 75 heart. It’s a, it’s a program we have to do, you know, 2 45 minute workouts a day. One of them has to be outside and all, all that. I do my walk, my low intensity while I’m doing other things. So whether it’s, I’ve got to send out a quick voice memo to somebody, or if, if I’m listening to a podcast or it’s, it’s whatever I’m doing, being in a place where I can move my body and I can, you know, just again, I’m not walking down busy streets and potentially could get hit by something. We want to be smart about it, but I’m going to be in a place where if I’ve got to take a call and I don’t have to be sitting at a desk while I’m walking, and if I’m not, if I’m struggling through my day, if I’ve got an off day, chances are, I’ve just got a scenario where I, I get to, I get to course correct. I get to do something different. So kind of take this call while I’m walking. W you know, did I get my glass of water and I’m getting tired or, or whatever, whatever that thing is. So a lot of it just really comes down to being intentional, living intentional and setting yourself up for success, as opposed to reacting to things which then leads to failure.

Ashish Nathu I love that, you know, you are also such a mindful husband and a father. I’m glad you just mentioned it because you do have four kids. One on the way you are an entrepreneur, you three kids, and one on the way, three kids in one, You, two babies, a third on the way, but Hey, sometimes it feels like more than that. Okay, well, you got two babies. I think they’re similar ages mine, right? What are your two kids

Ashish Nathu And a couple? Okay. So you’re a little bit ahead of me, but that’s still a very important age where you have to be incredibly engaged. They’re, you know, they’re looking to both their parents for so much information and wisdom and knowledge, and like what’s going on every day. And like, you’re setting such an example for that. And you have such an intentional relationship with your wife, and then you run your own business and, you know, you’re running around and trying to satisfy and meet customer expectations and manage people. Like how, how do you do that with so much intention? And, you know, you mentioned this when we first started the podcast about like all these different aspects of your life. And if one part is out of harmony, like it affects all of it. But like, you know, and I’ve noticed you, as we’ve talked about, you know, how you wanna show up as a father, how you want to show up as a, as a husband, like what’s driving that, where is that coming from to be an intentional father and husband

Peter Harrington Specifically for being a father and a husband? It, it comes back to, I would give him this marriage. I chose this marriage. I would give him these kids. We chose that. Now there’s so many, so many times where in a moment of frustration and I, I I’m, I’m losing it. It feels like everything’s falling apart. And the, the idea, the thought the, whatever can do, you know, what? It’d be so much easier somewhere else, something else being in a different relationship, you know, w whatever that is. And we, we hit rock bottom in our, in our we’ve been married 11 years. We’ve hit rock bottom a couple of times, and there’s no, there’s no rosy colored. You know, like people that haven’t had real, real conversations in their marriage, you know, maybe they’re avoiding something. I don’t want to make blanket statements about other people relationships. I’m just saying it can be very real, vulnerable, raw, and difficult, sometimes incredibly rewarding at the same time. Right? So for me, it really came down to like, I, I get to be these kids that as my job to show up a certain way, and that’s a big, massive contribution that I can make to the next generation. It came, it came from a lot of wounds that I had as a child. There was a, there was some really incredible difficult things that I went through as a kid. And I was, I was living in addiction for 20 years. And the things that save you as kids end up kicking your ass as adults. And so the thought patterns and the coping mechanism that I generated as a 10, 11, 12 year old turned around and in the mid twenties, early 30 something year old, man, who’s got a business who’s married, who has kids, next thing, you know, those secrets turn around and, and threaten to take away everything that I wanted for my life. And so it really came down to, I, I made a choice. This was 2015. I made a choice. I’m going to, I’m going to stay here no matter what I’m going to be married. Like until she says, no, I’m here. And I’m going to still pursue her. I do that weekly date night. And that was something I, I, I struggled with for a long time. And then I’ll let you know, let me make this into a game. And so we went every Friday night for five years, we missed four or five, four or five Friday during that five-year period of time. And I got the date that woman all over again, 234th dates, and I picked the restaurant, or I picked the activity. I picked the things, she didn’t know what it was. You’d always ask me, like, how do we dress? What do I have to do dress sexy, dress, bring this outfit, but how to change the club before it changes, shoots, or whatever the thing is, bring an extra coat with that. It was fun. And I turned it into a game for me, and when opportunity, because I can be going through my life living, you know, just going through the motions and then it feels like everything’s fine, but below the surface, stuff’s factoring and it’s growing and it’s not being taken care of. And then it’s going to come and bite me in the ass and it’s going to explode. So I would rather be preventative, be proactive, live with intention and have gentle course corrections along the way, as opposed to living reactively and then waiting for something to go sideways on me.

Ashish Nathu I feel like you were speaking right into me on that, because I really spent a lot of time trying to be mindful about that with my relationship, but it’s, you know, especially with kids and I’m not using them as an excuse, but it can be really challenging with them and to try to create and harness that space. Right. And so I find that like, the way you did that was, it’s so beautiful to be able to intentionally think about date nights and like, make it a game. I thought that was so, it’s so beautiful. And I know that I need to be more intentional about that as well. I definitely need to spend more time and create more intention with that relationship. And like, maybe there is some stuff that’s festering there. Like I love how you’ve just taken complete ownership and of, of that, I guess, for, you know, to take it a little bit of a different direction for you, you know, 2021 was a really amazing year. We just spoke. We just met each other a few months ago. We did this amazing guys experience with Kyle DPS out in Arizona. We met a bunch of really, really cool dudes. It was super, super fun for you. What were the most important lessons of 2021 as you reflect back in, what are all the learning lessons and, and what did you really take away as universal truths as you think about how to move forward into 20, 22 and beyond On my business, really getting clarity on what are the greatest areas that I can impact? What are the greatest things that I can do? What are the two or three big things that are my superpower? My zone of genius.

Ashish Nathu Yeah. You said that a lot. So what is your zone of genius? I love that

Peter Harrington I’m on my business is prospecting. So first of all, you know, I, I work a little bit at a bit of his coach, not much, but this, this, this quote from Socrates really keeps coming back to me. The unexamined life is not worth living well for me, you know, the unexamined business is not worth scaling. It’s not worth growing. A lot of times we start down a path, we start a business, we get an idea. We go, we run with it. And then what happens, you know, you start running on the treadmill, so to speak and you want to make more money. You want to get more deals. You want to get more stuff. So you raise the incline, you rated it to speed. And before long, you’re going out a tenant UPenn, and that’s not sustainable. And then you’re going to fall off and your knee break your face, whatever it is. Well, I got to go back up, you know, get on the treadmill and do it again. And so you start running again and start running in, and it’s this perpetual vicious cycle. People burn out. They don’t find joy in their life. They don’t find meaning in what they’re doing. It’s this living for the weekend is living for the next vacation, living for things, instead of saying, what are the ways that I can show up and be the better possible version of me and then work to eliminate every other every other way. So for me, like my business, there’s over 80 things that we do. I process map them all. And I have a very detailed list about what those things are. Six of those things I really, really enjoy. And three of them make us great money. So for me, it’s prospecting new business opportunities, running meetings, building my team So actively training, mentoring those three things. Boom, I can do those. It’s it’s it fills my cup. And it’s very broadly. One of my good friends are in front of the belief. One of, and my mentor this last year, Chris harder asked the question, how could in 2021, how can you be twice as happy and twice as profitable? And that really, really challenged me in the best way, because so often, you know, we’re getting busy, we’re making more money and we’re doing all these different things and our happiness level drops, or I want to be happy. So I’m going to be doing all this extra stuff, but I’m not as profitable. Well, how do you do both? And that requires you becoming a different person. And so then during the course of that felt self exploration over that. And there you must. I mean, last year I had 300 for my business and, and I had a great life. I was able to have incredible relationships with my kids. Take off a few weeks here, have an incredible flow summer where we went to lake Tahoe for six weeks, rented a house, worked for two hours a day and then wait at the beach, went and did great stuff as a family, et cetera. So for me, it’s, it’s about having my cake eating it too. And then I want to own factory.

Ashish Nathu I love that life design, right? Like we’re talking, we’re really talking about life design. And we talk about this on the podcast all the time. Like, you know, you ha it’s possible. If you make an intention and you choose to do it, it is possible. So I just love that. You’ve taken that by the rains. You want your cake and eat it to anyone on the factory. Boom. I love that for you. What do you hope to leave behind? What do you want your legacy to be?

Peter Harrington I wouldn’t get challenged by this. The story that in, in the Bible, I believe Jesus told her about the three different workers and one of them was entrusted with five, five talents. And one of them had two and the other one had one and the boss left came back after a few months. And the one who had at five had invested in grown and worked on those and built by more. So they have 10, the one that had two invested bill roux, did what they needed to do and have four. And the one who had one was worried because while I only have one, well, I’m scared. I’m afraid. I know you’re a hard boss. You you’re, you’re scared. And so they turned around and hit it in the ground and came back and said, here’s that gift the bucket of money and a, you gave me, I saved it for you. There you go. I’m giving it back. And the boss doesn’t turn around and say, thanks for saving my single bucket of money. So you completely worthless worker because you knew that I was expecting something from you, but you hit it. You turned around and you didn’t invest and grow and bill and do what you needed to do. So whether you have five things you do well or two or one, whatever that is, our job is to invest and grow those so that we can, like the version of me that I’m designed to become is going to be, is going to be that person that I then get to give all those gifts to other people that I haven’t met yet. So it’s not out there if I’m growing, if I’m not doing what I’m called to do, what I’m uniquely gifted to do my contributions to the world. I’m S I’m sticking that bucket of money in the ground and I’m hiding it and I’m playing scary and I’m not growing. So my legacy is the connection, the, the relationships that I invested along the way, the business or businesses that I’ve scaled in group based on the talents that God gave. And, and that, that’s what I get to do. That’s what I choose to do, because it’s way more fun. That way. It’s way more fun having my cake eating. And dude, it’s way more fun being in that place where I, I’m not living from fear we’ve had to in the last 24 months, you’ve been challenged in all these fearful scenarios, whether it’s sickness or losing a job or a business, or having to move, or all these different things. Life has its own share of fearful situations. I lost the giant portfolio. We got sold out right underneath me. And you know, that was a seven figure, wonder I’ve stayed. I stayed there for too long. And so this, this fear lesson was that I was working with with another, another person. And I had seen the writing on the wall back in 2012, 2013, probably shouldn’t be here, but I was comfortable. And I was happy. I thought, and I’m making consistent, ongoing residual income, which is what I’m all about. I’m all about building and scaling a residual income. But I was, I was scared. I was playing from fear. And then I, I should have, at that point in time said, you know what? I’m going to choose to go somewhere else, do something different. Start my own thing. And I didn’t, I waited lady and then four or five, six years later, everything got ripped out from underneath me and I had to do it anyway. And so for me, I was not a choice. I was not a choice. It was chosen for me that they got sold out from underneath me and it, and it ended up costing us a lot of money. I would much rather say, you know what, go with my gut. When I feel that I should be in this place at the few key people that sit at the table of my life, like, what should I do in this situation and get key counsel. I did that. And I didn’t trust my dad. And I didn’t listen to that. And I’ve stayed there for five years too long. I think, I think that’s a key lesson is if, if something not feeling right, if you’re not in a good way, if you’re not taking care of yourself, if you’re not in those places, reevaluate everything. And then don’t be scared to say, I’ve got to make a tough choice or choices, and then having the faith to follow through on those, it’s easy and it’s comfortable to play small, but that’s literally burying your bucket of money in the ground and doing something with it.

Ashish Nathu And in line with that, is there anything that Peter is afraid of

Peter Harrington Let’s go with? Yes, absolutely. And it’s, it’s, it’s a con it’s a conscious, ongoing, challenging that the, the imposter syndrome that of never being enough, measuring up to other siblings, other family members, other people that I play with. And, and, and, and, you know, in the same sphere of life that I’m in absolutely feeling that, that I’m less than, you know, comparing my wins and then looking around at somebody else’s journey and seeing, well, they did that. And the other thing, and, oh, my gosh, work is all of that. That’s probably the biggest thing is, you know, being afraid of the, in the mirror, thinking I’m comparing myself to other people and it’s actually me versus me, but nothing to be afraid of. But it’s a constant reminder to, to revisit that when, when you start looking at somebody else’s lane and the vehicle they’re driving and then playing the comparison game, that’s where most of the beer starts.

Ashish Nathu Well, that’s when you crash too. I mean, it’s, I, I really appreciate you sharing that because it’s real, those are really open and vulnerable for you to share. And it’s people are dealing with that everyday. And, and to the best, highest performers free to look in the next lane, see how that guy swimming and, you know, how do I compare it to the other people in my circles? And like, it’s such a real, you know, they’re real vibrations there that everyone goes through. And I think it’s really important for people to realize that, like, you’re not going to get any growth by looking at other people and having jealousy or resentment or envy or greed, like the growth doesn’t come from that. I think the growth comes from like, what is it in me? What is going on in my little childhood boy that is looking for that, you know, looking for that attention, looking for that validation and how can I give that little boy that validation, right? How can I serve myself and choose to own those results? What’s showing up for me. I think that’s where the power. And I know you’re all about that. And I know you pour that into me and many others, but it’s such a good reminder. And I appreciate you sharing that because I think we all have a lot of what you just said.

Peter Harrington Yeah, I’m going through this book right now, really impactful. Actually it’s called the body, keeps the score. And we’ve talked a lot about things that happened when we were, when we were born, when we were, when we’re growing up as, as kids, things that impact us specifically trauma related and those types of things, but it really impacts the brain chemistry and how then we view the world and how we see things. And everybody’s like, you know, you can get quote unquote to two of the same people, which doesn’t exist. But look, let’s just pretend two identical people. They’re going to have different life experiences. And their brain is literally going to invent on the fly, a different coping mechanism to deal with those same things. Right? And so my coping mechanism is going to look totally different than a sheesh or anybody up. And then kind of looking at myself in the mirror and understanding, and then having a coach investing in a coach, that’s going to tell me, you know what, here’s a few key areas where this is how you’re hoping this is how your not showing up in the way that you want to not getting the results that you’re looking for, or those types of things experience. There’s a saying that I’m thinking of right now, life’s funny experience. It gives you the test first, then the lesson afterwards. And so oftentimes if we can get the lesson first and then the task is way less expensive and, and perhaps left bodies along the way, or, or those types of things, if we can, we can do that. It’s worth making that investment. It’s worth doing that.

Ashish Nathu So good. As we wrap up, I want to ask you at least one more final question for you in your life. What does it mean to live rich?

Peter Harrington It means that I get to live where I want to live, be where I want to be and do what I want to do, have fun doing it and have abundance that every step of the way

Ashish Nathu I love that, you know, it’s a real honor to know you, and it’s really cool that I get to, like, I mean your mindset and the way you impart knowledge and information to people. It’s like, it’s really a special man. And I just want to honor you for how you decide to show up for others. And I know you put so much energy and power and, and work into yourself, but like everyone around you gets to benefit from that. And it’s just my honor, to be able to bring you on the podcast and have other people listen to this stuff, because like, I’m gonna listen to this episode again. And just so such a great reminder of, you know, when you decide to show up, when you choose to show up what you can do in this world, like, it’s just so powerful. So I just really appreciate you, man. And I love you so much. I guess, if people want to reach out to you, connect with you, consult with you, what have you, right? Like how do they get ahold of you?

Peter Harrington I’m on Instagram, not as much as some people, but Peter Harrington dot IgG. I’ll be on there a couple of times a week. Perhaps I try to limit my, my consumption of other stuff, as opposed to, you know, choosing, choosing where I want to be, but, but I will be on there from time to time. And that would be, that would be great. I love rubbing shoulders with other business owners, specifically talking to them about cashflow or payments or whatever. What have you. So that’s a, that’s a very key point that near and dear to my heart. So you can reach me on Instagram. That’s probably the best way to reach me. And we’re, we’re going to have an incredible 20, 22 is gonna

Ashish Nathu Be. Yeah. God bless you, man. Thank you so much for being here again. I really honor you and I appreciate you doing this with me.

Narrator Thank you for listening to the rich equation podcast with Ashish Nathu. Do you want more ideas on how to live rich? Go to for show notes and resources. Then take one minute to leave Ashish, a five-star review on apple podcasts and we’ll see you.

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