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Ep. 42 | Jordy Clark – Surround Yourself With the Right People


January 18, 2022

12:54 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Jordy Clark. Ashish and Jordy talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Jordy speaks about how the only constant in life is change and how we are simply a collection of our memories and experiences. Ashish and Jordy discuss universal truths, inheriting strong work ethics and how money just makes people more or less of who they are. HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Jordy Clark 3:02 – Jordy gives us an insight into his life and shares how he got to where he is now 7:42 – Ashish mentions how he grew up on constructions sites as his dad was also a general contractor 8:58 – Jordy speaks about joining GoBundance and why he decided to join 12:45 – Jordy talks about how GoBundance helped him realize that he shouldn’t compare himself to other people 14:14 – Jordy states that people who are performing at a higher level are not focused on what anyone else is doing they’re just focused on you they are and who they’re becoming 15:05 – Jordy shares what drives him and how he stays motivated 18:16 – Jordy speaks about how he doesn’t want to get to 90 and realize he has 90 years’ worth of the same experiences 19:45 – Ashish asks Jordy what are the things he learned from 2021 that he can take away as universal truths in his life 21:10 – Jordy talks about how he and his wife bought a motorhome in 2021 because they love to travel and shares how he met his wife on a cruise 23:20 – Ashish asks Jordy, as he walks into 2022, who is he focused on being 25:14 – Jordy mentions how he and his wife have planned to have no kid vacations 26:58 – Jordy shares how he believes we were placed on this earth to have a mortal experience. Jordy talks about how we are a collection of our memories and experiences and how he and his wife give back more than 10% of their income every year 28:57 – Jordy states that money just makes you more or less of what you are 30:33 – Jordy shares how true richness to him is having the ability to do what you want, where you want and when you want Links: Sign up to the mailing list to receive special access and content here: Check out previous episodes of The Rich Equation Podcast here: Guest Website: Let’s Connect! Instagram: Website: Guest Instagram:

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