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Ep. 38 | Maya Patel – Sharing the Gift of Service


January 4, 2022

12:15 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Maya Patel. Ashish and Patel speak about how Maya balances having a large family and running a family foundation. Ashish and Maya also discuss the importance of engaging young people in philanthropy. Maya shares her message to future leaders and women and shares how women can come together and operate from a place of humility.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest, Maya Patel

3:57 – Maya speaks about her family foundation

5:37 – Maya mentions how a driving is to make sure everyone is heard and represented

7:01 – Ashish asks Maya how she manages people entering and exiting the foundation

7:15 – Maya explains how the experiences that take place in the foundation affects these people later in life

10:25 – Ashish asks Maya what it was like taking leadership and what she learnt from it

11:40 – Maya mentions how she wanted to earn respect

13:32 – Maya talks about the challenges she faced when she first took on her role and learning to be confident in her own skin

14:30 – Ashish asks Maya about what she hopes her voice and her work has done for women and minorities

15:20 – Maya talks about how important it is for women to have a support system

17:13 – Ashish asks Maya what her secret to success is

18:58 – Maya shares some lessons she learned when raising her strong, independent children

20:59 – Ashish asks what are some easy ways to engage in philanthropy for people who don’t have a family foundation or don’t know where to go

23:28 – Maya shares some of the most important and difficult lessons she learned in 2021 that she’ll take with her into 2022

25:33 – Ashish asks his final question of what is it like to be rich


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