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Ep. 37 | Bob Dabic – What Version of Yourself are You on Now?


December 30, 2021

6:44 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Bob Dabic. Ashish and Bob discuss the importance of receiving feedback and criticism from people you trust, addressing your fears of being judged, becoming self-aware, the philosophies of leadership and so much more. Bob shares some of his best advice and provides us with some hacks to follow. Bob also shares with us his daily routine and what true richness mean for him.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Bob Dabic 1:31 – Ashish reminds you that you have a duty to share this podcast with someone who could receive value from the content 1:48 – Sign up to the newsletter through

to receive special access and content 4:48 – Bob speaks about his life before being a Vistage member 5:48 – Bob talks about landmark education and how stuff from your past keeps getting brought up into your present and how that affects your future 7:26 – Ashish asks Bob about consequences you have to face during your transitional period and becoming self-aware 8:31 – Bob shares how he thinks that the more open and vulnerable we are, the better our relationships are, and success tends to follow 10:00 – Bob shares how in order to take someone else to a deep emotional place, they have to do their own deep transformational work 11:11 – Bob states that state of being and mindsets are the only things we have control over 11:58 – Bob mentions how he tells people that his job is to turn CEO’s and Senior Executives into human beings 12:28 – Bob talks about how most humans don’t default to being vulnerable so that’s what he strives for in his personal/professional relationships 13:15 – Ashish speaks about how it is a great framework to think about yourself in a futuristic state 15:22 – Ashish mentions how the three questions; what are my burning desires, who do I have to become to get them, and what am I willing to do to get it are great to focus on coming up to the end of the year 16:33 – Bob speaks about what a self-run business is 22:10 – Ashish asks Bob what are some of the common themes he has noticed for what it takes to be a successful leader 27:23 – Bob states that if you’re not taking some risks, challenging people and getting feedback that you may not like – you’re not giving it your all 28:30 – Bob encourages you to find advisors or people you trust that are willing to challenge and push you in your thinking 30:36 – Bob speaks about the fear of being misunderstood 33:07 – Bob states that the four fatal fears are fear of failure, rejection, emotional discomfort and being wrong 35:53 – Bob shares his daily routine 37:05 – Bob mentions how your mind can be a terrible neighbourhood to go into alone 37:15 – Bob advises you to be careful of what you’re thinking about and the self-sabotage that goes on between your ears 38:01 – You can contact Bob through or through 7146097000

38:44 – Bob shares how being in great health and having intimate relationships with those you care about is true richness to him


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