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Ep. 36 | Sejal Nathu – A Christmas Special


December 23, 2021

1:40 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish brings a Christmas special episode as he is joined by his wife Sejal Nathu. Ashish and Sejal created this episode to provide you with an insight into Ashish’s life so that you can get to know him better, through an open and honest conversation. Ashish and Sejal discuss some major shifts they have had in their lives this year as well as working through generational beliefs. Ashish and Sejal discuss love languages and the importance of communication in a relationship. Ashish and Sejal also share their advice on how we can engage and receive the most from the joy and love the holiday season and our family provide us with.


0:00 – Ashish explains how this is a Christmas special episode and how he will be joined by his wife 1:00 – Don’t forget to share this podcast with someone who can get value from the content! 1:22 – Intro 3:25 – Ashish shares a story about how he and Sejal are first generation Americans from Indian families and how there were four generations living in the household until recently 6:47 – Sejal speaks about her family growing up and her needs for privacy and ‘space allow’ 9:18 – Sejal states that space allows for growth and unity 10:58 – Sejal encourages you to challenge things if they don’t feel right for you 13:41 – Ashish talks about how he and Sejal come from a very judgemental culture 15:05 – Ashish and Sejal discuss the anxiety surrounding the holidays 19:56 – Sejal mentions how the holiday season is temporary – uncomfortable situations are temporary 22:45 – Sejal speaks about what it’s like being married to an entrepreneur 24:32 – Sejal talks about the importance of communication 27:45 – Ashish mentions how oftentimes people take their family for granted and they get neglected 30:00 – Sejal shares how she feels the beauty in life is that you can always progress and how the natural rhythm of life keeps it fun because there is always something you can improve on 32:36 – Ashish and Sejal discuss love languages and how people communicate based on the things that are important to them 34:38 – Sejal shares her love languages 35:55 – Ashish asks Sejal about what she is most looking forward to in 2022 37:42 – Sejal advises you to continue transforming your life in a peaceful and joyous way. Each steps starts with you, and every small step counts as a transformative step


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