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Ep. 34 | Leslie Roach – The Struggles of Parenting in the Social Media Age


December 16, 2021

7:20 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Leslie Roach. Ashish and Leslie discuss a series of topics including Leslie’s teaching career, how students are different today based on the environment they grow up in, the differences between the education system today and the education system from the early 2000’s and why not going to college should be something parents and students discuss openly.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guests Leslie Roach 0:32 – Ashish mentions how he and Leslie talk about how students are different today based on the environment they grow up in 2:40 – Ashish mentions how Leslie was his math teacher in 9th grade 4:04 – Leslie speaks about her teaching career and how she was 21 when she first started teaching 5:22 – Leslie talks about how she didn’t intend on becoming a principle but how it naturally happened 6:10 – Leslie explains how running a school is similar to running a business 9:42 – Ashish asks Leslie how education and the education system has changed since the early 2000’s to now 13:25 – Leslie speaks about the mixture of phones and education 17:38 – Leslie mentions how she thinks there is a level of competition and expectation for students from family, themselves and from the school that is really healthy and part of life 23:33 – Leslie shares how if kids don’t get 8-10 hours of sleep their brains don’t develop 26:10 – Ashish talks about how parenting today is so different than parenting was when he was a child 27:13 – Leslie explains why she wishes parents wouldn’t compare their kids to other kids 28:42 – Leslie mentions how everyone she knows was traumatized by their parents and they all had great parents 30:14 – Leslie shares how she thinks that the kids who are graduating high school right now are different and how they can consume a lot of information and sift through it and also how they don’t need to concentrate the same way we did 31:50 – Leslie mentions how kids today don’t have the same ability to focus for long periods of time but it’s not a bad thing it’s just different 33:02 – Ashish talks about how he’s so inspired by this generation as they grew up in a whole different world than we did 35:36 – Leslie mentions how almost every class room is set up in groups now but how when Ashish was in school there was a lot of resistance against group work 36:02 – Leslie states that they’re trying to build a sense of community within the classroom to teach kids to work together, listen to each other and disagree appropriately with each other because it does not come natural 38:46 – Ashish asks Leslie about her opinion on kids who don’t want to go to college anymore 40:13 – Leslie speaks about how Universities are different, probably because they have to be now, with so many facilities, which has made them so expensive, which is creating a division between the haves and the have nots 41:56 – Leslie mentions how a lot of successful people haven’t gone to college and the days of doing tradesperson apprenticeships are gone, but they’re needed 43:53 – Leslie talks about how there are some really good, more affordable options, like community college 45:32 – Leslie states that the greatest compliment to an educator is having a former student like Ashish

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