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Ep. 33 | Jesse Mills – Just Get Started!


December 14, 2021

1:57 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Jesse Mills. Ashish and Jesse discuss creative ways to invest through real estate to get on the path of financial freedom. Jesse speaks about how he went from bankruptcy to building a thriving real estate business following the 2008 financial crisis. Ashish and Jesse talk about the ‘insta-society’ of today and how we’ve grown accustomed to receiving things and information instantly. Ashish and Jesse also discuss the importance of clarity and the ability to give back. HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Jesse Mills 0:30 – Ashish mentions how throughout 1:17 – Intro 2:24 – Jesses asks Ashish if he has bad days 4:16 – Jesse shares with us how he got started with real estate investments and how he learned from other people’s mistakes during the crash 6:43 – Jesse mentions how everyone is right with hindsight 8:28 – Jesse speaks about how he began learning about creative financing through YouTube videos and online courses 11:26 – Jesse talks about how he’s the guy you go to when you can’t get financing or when you want to invest through real estate 15:24 – Jesse states that nothing is cruise control all the time 15:50 – Jesse shares the various creative ways to invest in real estate that he’s learned over the years 16:11 – Jesse states that you can learn anything these days if you want to 16:57 – Ashish asks Jesse to share his routine 22:43 – Ashish states that being in rooms with like-minded people helps you maintain your momentum 24:21 – Jesse shares how his grandmother has had the biggest impact on his life 27:04 – Jesse explains why the piece of advice he finds himself sharing the most is ‘just get started’ 28:13 – Ashish and Jesse discuss how we’ve become an insta-society and how we want everything instantly 28:43 – Jesse speaks on the importance of clarity 30:33 – Jesse shares how the thing that keeps him up at night is what he thinks he should be doing or what he has to do when he wakes up. Jesse talks about how there is no finish line for him because there is always new opportunities and things you can experience 32:05 – Jesse states that freedom and flexibility is true richness for him 33:50 – Ashish talks about what true richness means to him 36:45 – Jesse speaks about the ability to give back 39:50 – Jesse encourages you to read the books Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden 40:58 – You can contact Jesse through social media @thejessemills or through his website


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