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Ep. 32 | Jason Duncan – Are you living the EXIT life?


December 9, 2021

2:49 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Jason Duncan. Ashish and Jason discuss what it really means to live the Exiter lifestyle. Jason shares his four key steps you need to follow to achieve freedom within your business. Jason explains hero syndrome, how to combat it and the importance of investing in your people. Ashish and Jason also speak about the difference between real estate and business investments.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Jason Duncan 0:41 – Ashish mentions how on this episode, Jason breaks down 4 key steps to achieving freedom in your business 1:20 – Intro 2:30 – Jason mentions how he is recording this episode in his RV right beside the Caribbean ocean 4:33 – Jason explains how he became an accidental entrepreneur 6:34 – Jason speaks about hiring a business coach and explains why everyone needs a business coach 10:42 – Jason shares how he and another business coach are holding a retreat in Florida that is designed for people going through an identity crisis and will help people figure out what’s next 13:06 – Jason takes us through the process of battling hero syndrome 15:48 – Jason states that all progress starts with mindset 18:49 – Jason explains how we get overwhelmed and stressed in life is because we have too many cycles opened at the same time 20:24 – Jason shares what step number three of this process is and how it is effective 22:54 – Jason talks about how the forth step is investing in your people 26:55 – Jason advises you to not name your company after yourself 30:29 – Jason speaks about business investing and the similarities and differences between business and real estate investing 32:11 – Ashish mentions how in real estate you can get deprecation benefits but when you buy a company you can get Emiratization benefits 38:13 – Ashish asks Jason what are some of the biggest challenges he’s dealing with now 42:18 – Jason shares what true richness means to him 44:09 – You can contact Jason through Instagram @therealjasonduncan or through his website 44:18 – If you are interested in getting over the hero’s syndrome and figuring out how to exit your business without selling it to a third party, join Jason’s Exiter Club 44:33 – Jason shares some information about his exit without exiting program. You can also go to for more information

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