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Ep. 31 | Brian Bogert – Awaken the Giant within


December 7, 2021

1:35 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Brian Bogert. Ashish and Brian discuss Brian’s philosophy of embracing pain to avoid suffering and Brian shares what motivated him to achieve this mindset. Ashish and Brian speak about limitless living and what steps you need to take to break through your limiting beliefs. Ashish and Brian also talk about observing ourselves and our behaviors to create sustainable and lasting change.


0:00 – Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Brian Bogert. 1:35 – Intro 3:44 – Brian shares an insight into his past and how it’s led him to the point he’s at in his life now 5:53 – Brian mentions how we all have unique stories and how important it is that we pause and become aware of the lessons we can take from our unique stories 6:18 – Brian speaks about how his accident taught him how to not get stuck by what happens to him and embrace pain to avoid suffering in his life 8:13 – Ashish asks Brian if limitless living is possible and what it means to live limitless 9:51 – Brian states that no limits living starts with awareness and intentionality to make sure that you align with who you authentically are 12:18 – Brian talks about what motivated him to search for a limitless life 14:24 – Ashish asks Brian what has showed up for him over the years that really surprised him on his journey to limitless living 16:07 – Brian states that those who reach the highest level of performance are those that understand their intellectual and emotional narratives 17:05 – Brian speaks about how having children can open you up to a whole new level of limitless living 24:59 – Brian speaks about a new trait we see developing over society about having intention to create a level of awareness or have an ignorance to create that intention 26:30 – Brian states that should is a shame based word 31:08 – Ashish talks about some of his limiting beliefs and his fear of looking bad and how he was highly co-dependent 34:51 – Brian states that the first step to overcoming a limiting belief is being aware 37:07 – Brian mentions how we have to unroot the problem 38:19 – Ashish asks Brian to explain the process of unrooting 39:59 – Brian states that the last step it movement: how does the emotion move through our body, move through our world and how do we move through it 44:47 – Ashish asks Brian about how to create a sustainable lifestyle to have this type of mindset 49:55 – Brian states that if you embrace your pain you are guaranteed to avoid suffering 50:51 – Brian mentions how moved people move people 50:59 – You can contact Brian through or through Instagram @bogertbrian

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