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Ep. 30 | Tim Mulroy – Learn to say YES First!


December 2, 2021

1:19 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Tim Mulroy. Ashish and Tim discuss a series of topics from personal development, to planning processes. Tim shares his ’10 out of 10’ lifestyle and philosophy and explains how on our own, we can only ever be a 7/10. Ashish and Tim speak about what drives and fuels them to do what they do and they also share their best advice for anyone struggling with insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Ashish and Time share how sometimes we just need to slow down and listen to the world around us and be grateful for all that we have.


0:00 – Intro 2:13 – Ashish shares how he and Tim are lost souls who have found each other who think and work in the same way through personal development 3:55 – Tim speaks to us about his ‘ten out of 10’ lifestyle and philosophy 5:50 – Tim states how he believes that on our own the best we can ever do is 7/10 8:47 – Tim mentions how you have to be coachable 9:53 – Tim talks about how his mission is to be a leader for others 10:55 – Tim and Ashish discuss how we need to just slow down and listen to the world and what it, and people, are trying to tell us 11:28 – Tim speaks about what fuels him 13:06 – Tim states that there is no right decision and explains the power of just saying yes 15:05 – Tim shares the two rules he lives his life by: always be yourself because half of the people won’t like you anyway and have fun or go home 16:35 – Tim states that if you don’t have hunger you’re going to find yourself stuck 17:01 – Tim states that the only two things that are universally true are growth and contribution 18:28 – Tim shares his advice to anyone feeling insecure and lacking self-confidence 23:30 – Ashish speaks about how we’re all always looking for multiple options and people are afraid of commitment because they’re afraid of their own failure 24:55 – Tim shares the thing that has helped him the most in his relationship 25:50 – Tim states that if failure is not an option, you know there’s always a way through 27:43 – Tim explains how the best advice he’s ever been given is, trust the process 30:18 – Tim shares how 20 years ago he wish he knew that he was healthier than he thought he was 35:13 – Ashish asks Tim what rich means to him 38:15 – Ashish states that there are so many things we can be grateful for 41:00 – Tim speaks about his planning process and what his plans for the near future are 43:11 – Tim shares how your process should involve gratitude, vision and tangible steps 44:09 – Tim talks about his daily routine 45:36 – Tim speaks about why he has picked up karate again

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You can have results or you can have excuses but not both.

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