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Ep. 29 | Ed Chan – Stealer of Great Ideas


November 30, 2021

2:01 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Ed Chan. Ashish and Ed speak about leadership and mentoring. Ed shares his experience with coaches and peer to peer coaching and the impact that has had on his life. Ed shares with us his journey and how he had to have a complete mindset shift in order to scale his father’s business. Ashish and Ed also talk about being father’s in an age of social media and all the challenges that come with that. Ed shares his best advice to parents and tells us how he manages social media within his home.


0:00 – Intro 4:18 – Ed shares how the pandemic has really taught him peace and balance between business and life 7:05 – Ed explains how he had to work to get his leadership team to a point where he felt comfortable enough to leave them do to it all so that he could take every Thursday off and use it as a personal development day 9:18 – Ed speaks about how he broke down generational issues that he took into his business and how he shifted his mindset to improve his business 12:30 – Ed talks about re-building his business team and how going to executive coaching gave him a whole new business mindset 16:32 – Ashish discusses mentorship and peer to peer learning and what he has experienced with both 22:10 – Ed mentions how failure was one of his biggest fears but his current fear is time 23:20 – Ed states that you have to have enough margin in order to figure out what your why is 25:45 – Ed shares his religion and how that has helped him within his business 27:45 – Ed talks us through his routine and how having a stable consistent routine had impacted his life 32:30 – Ed shares his thoughts on being a parent to children within a generation of social media and how he has structured his family’s life with things such as, Monday – Thursday there is no technology 36:25 – Ed explains how he trains his kids to know who the parent is and shares how he thinks kids love boundaries 37:50 – Ashish asks Ed what he’s working on within himself currently 39:50 – Ed talks about his Kingdom Fund and shares how he is making small investments from it 40:40 – Ashish asks Ed to share two things he would love the listener to take away from this episode 43:47 – It’s important to realize that life design is not about using the excuse that you don’t have enough time it’s about realizing that we get to decide how we use our time

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