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Ep. 28 | John Pham – Stop Chasing Other People’s Dreams


November 25, 2021

1:13 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest John Pham. Ashish ad John discuss a series of topics including the importance of identity as an entrepreneur, reflection and why you need a why. Ashish and John speak about how creating happiness and feeling grateful takes work and being sad is easy to do. Ashish and John share what a rich day looks and feels like to them and how being open to being vulnerable can deeply impact your life, relationships and goals.


0:00 – Intro 3:04 – John shares what true richness means to him 5:11 – John speaks about growing up as an immigrant an always being an outsider 6:22 – John states that you can’t be an entrepreneur without an internal drive 7:35 – John talks about the mentality behind intention and building habits that help you get to where you are 8:19 – John shares a quote that has impacted him a lot, ‘You want to be a thermostat not a thermometer’ and dissects the meaning behind it 9:52 – John talks about Jerry West and explains how Jerry hates losing more than he loves winning 12:20 – John speaks about how we are all busy chasing people at the top and how we never really stop and take time to ask why 14:10 – John mentions how being happy and being grateful takes a lot of work but being sad is easy to do 15:33 – Ashish speaks about being a robot for a long time and how he fell victim to the program but how a rigid morning routine has helped him break out of that 17:58 – Ashish shares what a rich day feels and looks like to him 19:37 – John shares what a rich day feels and looks like to him 21:03 – John explains how if he has been able to do 5 minutes of gratitude, 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of meditation before the day is over then it is a good day for him 22:01 – John speaks about how he practices gratitude 24:55 – John talks about being an entrepreneur and his experiences with that and what it has taught him 28:10 – John mentions how he feels while we’re all seeking truth there is no new truth and how books are truth that people have spent a lot of time trying to distil into pages 29:05 – Ashish asks John what is one of the biggest mistakes he has made in his life 31:53 – John speaks about the importance of being vulnerable and how impactful knowing your identity having a why can be for yourself, your relationships and your goals 34:54 – Ashish states that you’re only doing things so that you can feel a certain way 37:27 – John shares what he wants from the next 5-10 and how he just wants to enjoy everything he has built for himself 38:19 – Ashish speaks about what his intention was when starting the podcast 40:28 – Ashish explains who he wants to be when he is 45 43:01 – Ashish mentions how he would like to purchase a private plane and a home on the water by 45 and explains the reasoning behind this 45:05 – Ashish states that if he could give any advice to his 25 year old self it would be to play bigger, get rid of your co-dependence and work on yourself

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