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Ep. 23 | Elliot Schwartz – The Importance of Leading With Love


November 4, 2021

2:38 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Elliot Shorts. Ashish and Elliot discuss a range of topics including the importance of having a consistent and sustainable routine, the power of investing, how vulnerability is not weakness and so much more. Ashish and Elliot provide a fantastic open and honest conversation throughout this episode and share some very inspirational life advice. Don’t forget to leave a five star review and share the podcast with a friend if you enjoyed this episode!

HIGHLIGHTS: 0:00 – Intro 2:27 – Ashish shares how he and Ashish met 3:30 – Elliot shares an insight into the success of his relationship and marriage 7:05 – Elliot speaks about how his wife works from the minute she wakes up purely because she loves what she does and how much he admires that 9:03 – Elliot talks about how his upbringing and participation in sports has impacted his life 13:47 – Ashish asks Elliot to discuss how he found success in building a stable routine 17:15 – Ashish mentions how if you build a level of consistency then you can perfume at a sustainable level 17:47 – Ashish shares his daily routine 20:00 – Ashish and Elliot discuss having a calendar for personal and professional life and they really encourage you to try putting everything in a calendar as that way you will make sure it gets done 22:16 – Elliot speaks about The Wild Man Experience he recently took part in, why he went on the trip and what he going from it 23:20 – Elliot mentions how every morning began with meditation and each night ended with sitting together as a community and getting deep and real with each other 26:40 – Elliot states how people get caught up in moving too quickly and wanting to achieve which leads to not taking the time to slow down and states how meditation can be helpful with this 29:19 – Ashish states that people often equate vulnerability to weakness but its actually the complete opposite 31:38 – Elliot mentions how Mike Tyson worked on his weaknesses and how every warrior has weakness and it can only level you up to acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them 33:17 – Ashish states that he believes the future is female and how he feels there is something special in creating space for women to be who they are and to be able to go after something they want at full speed 35:22 – Elliot speaks about how he finds power in strength so he pushes himself at the gym and how that is a key energizer for him 36:38 – Ashish asks Elliot what he wishes he knew 20 years ago 37:00 – Elliot states that if he had kids he would teach them how to be investors before anything else 39:03 – Elliot states that true richness to him is balance and explains this in detail 40:59 – Ashish asks Elliot if a hotdog is a sandwich 41:33 – Ashish states that if had one superpower it would be to slow down time because life and time is a very limited resource 42:58 – Ashish discusses how the death of Kobe Bryant impacted him and gave him a mindset shift 43:44 – Elliot speaks about how he had the same experience as Ashish but almost the completely opposite as Kobe Bryant’s death made him realize he is infinite so he needs to start thinking bigger 45:20 – You can contact Elliot through Instagram @elliot_30

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