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Ep. 2 | 5 Pillars Of Richness


September 6, 2021

10:59 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish explains the 5 Pillars of Richness that he created. Ashish mentions how there will be guests on the podcast who will be able to deconstruct the pillars to make for honest, vulnerable, and educational conversations.


0:00 – Intro 0:55 – Ashish explains he created these five rich pillars to help give us names to major categories of life that need to be dissected. 1:14 – He lays out the pillars as income, energy, routine, people, and awareness. 1:34 – Ashish explains what to expect in the Income pillar, learning from people’s mistakes, he explains vertical & horizontal income. 2:34 – Explaining the energy pillar and, that we can’t generate income without energy, maximizing our energy function. 3:03 – Talking about finding incredible success in learning how to use routine, habits & behaviors. 3:18 – Celebrating wins & losses. Learning time management 3:45 – The relationship pillar is something that is talked about in business and personal life. 4:10 – Awareness is critical to the entire component, enhancing and increasing personal awareness. 4:45 – Talking about limiting beliefs and learning how to be vulnerable 5:05 – Ashish talks about what to expect in the next episode, the new rich mindset.


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Welcome to the Rich Equation podcast. Are you ready to discover how to live rich today and not wait for retirement? If you’re tired of struggling and want to live your best life now, you’re in the right place.

Outdated principles will no longer work in today’s environment. It’s time for a new approach. Your host Ashish Nathu will help you discover methods to live the new American dream. It’s time to start living the good life on your own terms and experience a new way to live rich. Now here’s your host Ashish Nathu.

Welcome back to the Rich Equation Podcast. This is episode two, where we’re going to talk about the five rich pillars, and I’ve created these five pillars of richness that really help us give names to major categories of our life that we really need to dissect and go deeper and deeper and deeper to in order to really fulfill the complete Rich equation. And so let me lay these out for you.

The first pillar is income. The second one is energy. The third one is routine. The fourth one is people and number five is awareness. And so let me break these a little bit down for you.

So let’s start with income. In the income pillar here at the Rich equation we’re going to talk about business and strategy and learn from people’s mistakes from their operational experience so that we could accelerate our learning. So we’ll bring on people through our business relationships and our different types of experiences, and really make sure that we’re learning from other people’s business experiences, so we cannot make those same mistakes.

Ultimately to increase our income and increase our profitability and our businesses’ success, we’re going to talk about generating income in two different types of categories. Vertical income, which is how we generate income, standing up our active income strategies, our businesses, the things we do, our jobs, accelerating what we do while we’re standing up and then our horizontal income, which means our passive investments, different types of passive investments. The ways we generate income when relying down.

The second pillar is energy. We can’t generate income without energy. So in the energy pillar, we’re talking about our health, our nutrition, our fitness, really maximizing our body function or brain function or energy function. We’re going to talk about how to get in flow and really harness energy in order to get us to do the things we want to do.

Which then takes us to the third pillar, routine. And I’ve found incredible success in learning how to use routine and habits and behaviors that help us achieve the results that we want with the energy that we have. And so tying those two together is super important. Learning how to use a winning day strategy, how to celebrate your wins and your losses. How do we manage time and really learning how routine can help us get the results that we want faster.

The fourth pillar is people. Now, none of this matters without relationships. In fact, relationships can either pull us up or pull us down. And the fourth pillar is something that I care really deeply about. In fact, it’s most connected to our heart center. The relationship pillar is something that we talk about in business between our people, our partnerships, and in our personal life between our spouses, our kids, our parents, and our communities in general. So we can’t think about being rich without thinking about people.

The fifth pillar is awareness. This is one of my favorite pillars. Awareness is something that is so critical to this entire component and our ability to continuously learn and change and adapt to the current environment. And the best way to do that is really enhance and increase our own personal awareness. Through different types of things. We’re going to talk about meditation, emotional

intelligence. How do we control our mind and our ego and our decision-making? What types of limiting beliefs do we have that prevent us from achieving the results that we want? How do we learn how to be vulnerable? Give people grace, give some compassion, maybe even to yourself. That’s what the fifth pillar is all about.

Those are the five pillars. Number one, income, number two, energy, number three, routine, number four, people, and number five awareness. So thanks so much in the next episode, which is episode number three, you’re going to learn about the new rich mindset. We’ll see you there.

Thank you for listening to the Rich Equation podcast with Ashish Nathu. Do you want more ideas on how to live rich? Go to for show notes and resources. Then take one minute to leave Ashish a five star review on apple podcasts, and we’ll see you on the next episode.

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