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Ep. 145 | Simon Severino - Making Intentional Choices to Keep Your Integrity With Yourself And The People You Serve


December 12, 2023

8:00 am

My guest this week is Simon Severino. Simon is a father of 3 and an accomplished business scaler. He has had an impressive 19-year entrepreneurial journey marked by the successful execution of numerous go-to-market strategies worldwide in collaboration with B2B teams. His dedication extends to assisting thousands of entrepreneurs in achieving financial freedom while creating robust systems that liberate businesses from reliance on their founders. Simon's expertise in market strategy, sales strategy, and scaling up is showcased across more than 300 podcasts and over 250 conferences. He has graced renowned platforms such as TEDx, Google, and Entrepreneurs on Fire, and features regularly in Forbes and Entrepreneur, contributing insightful content on market and sales strategies. As a Forbes Business Council Member, Simon continues to inspire and empower entrepreneurs through his diverse range of impactful keynotes and publications.

In this episode, we navigate through a multifaceted discussion touching on various facets of entrepreneurship and investment. Simon talks about his entrepreneurial journey. We delved into his methodologies and strategies for guiding others in the entrepreneurial journey. The conversation dives into the intricacies of balancing action and mindfulness in one's personal life, including Simon's deliberate decision to reprioritize family time over extensive business travel. They explore avenues for successful customer engagement in businesses, the strategic approach to social media presence, and Simon's framework for investment. Delving into discussions on real estate, AI investments, and the future of 2024, Simon provides valuable insights into where the world of business and investment may be headed.


00:00 - Ashish introduces the guest, Simon Severino

02:24 - Simon talks about his journey, how he started

04:50 - What Simon is learning now from his guru or mentor

06:15 - Ashish asks Simon about his framework for coaching other entrepreneurs, and how he helps them in the journey of entrepreneurship

10:32 - What has worked for Simon on the transitions of doing vs being in his personal life

13:40 - Making an intentional decision to cut his business travels and facing the impact of that decision to have more time with his family

16:25 - Where he’s seeing businesses having the most success in terms of engaging with more customers

22:45 - Being on all social platforms or just focusing on one or two for your business

24:46 - Simon shares his insights on his framework of how he invests money

30:07 - Simon shares how he collects his data when analyzing potential financial investments

34:41 - Real estate as an asset vs a liability

36:11 - Are we too early in investing in AI and how he is utilizing AI in business

39:23 - What Simon is excited about in 2024

43:16 - Simon shares some things he is working on right now

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