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Ep. 144 | Natasha Todorovic-Spiral Dynamics & Its Application in Personal & Professional Development


December 5, 2023

7:00 am

My guest this week is Natasha Todorovic. Natasha is a co-founder of NVC Consulting. She consults, coaches, and trains clients worldwide on the use of the Spiral Dynamics tools, and models and approaches based on the bio-psychosocial development theory of Dr. Clare W. Graves. Todorovic’s expertise includes consulting, training, and development at all levels of management. She earned a master’s degree in business administration from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, graduating with honors. She also holds a doctor of clinical hypnotherapy degree focused on accelerated learning and is certified in the Adizes Methodology, a powerful corporate transformation process. In this episode, Ashish and Natasha unpack this concept's history and multifaceted applications, exploring the various levels it encompasses and offering insights on identifying one's stage in the continuum of "human being-ness." The conversation navigates beyond the theoretical as they discuss how cultural challenges can impact businesses and the pivotal role of congruent leadership in fostering trust and enabling a culture of contribution within teams. Natasha elucidates the diversified approaches to leadership suited for distinct groups tackling varying complexities. Moving from the professional to the personal sphere, they explore the applications of spiral dynamics in personal life. Natasha shares her connection to spiral dynamics and its profound importance. The discussion extends to navigating relationships at plateaus, handling resistance to change, and embracing new sales strategies, offering valuable insights and strategies for engagement. Highlights:

00:00 - Ashish introduces the guest, Natasha Todorovic

01:10 - What is spiral dynamics, its history, and its applications

05:38 - The different levels of spiral dynamics and how to know what stage of “human being-ness” you’re on

08:39 - Underlying things that could get in the way of business such as cultural challenges

14:54 - Leaders are congruent with the people they are leading, where they trust you and are capable of building a culture where the people feel free to contribute

17:00 - There are different kinds of leadership for different kinds of groups for different kinds of complexities the team is solving

20:32 - How spiral dynamics can be applied to personal life

22:48 - Ashish asks Natasha why spiral dynamics is important to her

29:47 - How should we be engaging with the types of relationships that have plateaued, as we go through ebbs and flows in relationships

34:07 - How to deal with people who are not willing to change

39:50 - New sales strategies and what Natasha is learning from the process

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