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Ep. 142 | Jun Loayza - Navigating Parenthood, Marriage, and Balancing Family Expectations

This week’s guest is Jun Loayza. Jun is an entrepreneur and the Creator of the Dad Smarter Not Harder podcast. He is focused on helping fathers become the best parents and husbands that they can be. He loves to write about being a better parent.

In this episode, Ashish and Jun dive deep into contentment versus continuous self-improvement and the essence of life's purpose. The conversation delves into the pursuit of happiness, encouraging individuals to confront fears, embrace challenges, and navigate through failures as catalysts for personal growth. The discourse explores the concept of nurturing a growth mindset, emphasizing the value of consistent practice and the differentiation between a growth versus a fixed mindset. Jun candidly shares his current entrepreneurial endeavors and associated challenges, transitioning into a discussion on parenting. They dissect Jun's inspiration behind his podcast, focusing on effective parenting through the GRACE framework—emphasizing growth mindset, responsibility, autonomy, confidence, and empathy.


00:00 - Ashish introduces the guest, Jun Loayza

01:19 - Being content vs becoming better, and the purpose of life

04:40 - Why are people chasing happiness, and overcoming the fear of challenges and failing

07:39 - Challenge your mind to grow

14:10 - Practice makes better

14:27 - Growth vs fixed mindset

15:12 - Jun shares what he is working on and some challenges he is facing as an entrepreneur

18:21 - Ashish and Jun discuss parenting and the inspiration behind his podcast show

24:50 - How we can become better parents using the GRACE framework (growth mindset, responsibility, autonomy, confidence, empathy)

38:22 - Parenting is delayed gratification and using gamification to make parenting fun

41:36 - Jun’s challenges as a parent and marriage this season

45:40 - The challenge of balancing success and family expectations

1:01:01 - What Jun hopes to instill in his children (values, learnings)

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