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Ep. 140 | Neil Cannon - Vitality and Reverse Engineering Illness


November 14, 2023

8:00 am

My guest this week is Neil Cannon, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and an accomplished author with notable works such as "Mojo Multiplier: Raise Testosterone Naturally” and “The Vitality Code.” As the co-creator of The Inflammation Solution Program, he was honored with a Sustainable Business Award. Neil's contributions extend to "Clear Skin In 7," a program that addresses skin health. He shares his expertise as the host of The Mojo Fit Podcast and serves as a health consultant and public speaker, offering valuable insights into health and wellness.

In this episode, Neil begins by sharing his compelling story of personal healing from eczema and delves into his profound expertise in holistic wellness. He discusses the Vitality Code book and unveils the four pivotal pillars to reverse engineer illness. He talks about the role of trapped emotions and trauma while highlighting somatic techniques to release these emotional blockages. Neil discusses the significance of gluten, dairy, and sugar as major contributors to health issues. He emphasizes the importance of movement for detoxification, addresses gut health and its connection to mental well-being, and explores the benefits of breathwork, ice baths, and grounding in enhancing vitality.


00:00 - Ashish introduces the guest, Neil Cannon

01:05 - Neil talks gives an introduction about himself, his own story of healing from eczema, and his professional background. And how he got into holistic healing

04:22 - Neil talks about the Vitality Code book and the 4 pillars to reverse engineer illness

12:05 - Most illnesses are rooted in trapped emotions and trauma, and using somatic ways to release these trapped emotions

17:44 - Advice for people who want to start the Vitality journey, but find the whole thing overwhelming

20:29 - Neil talks about the 3 main culprits of health issues - gluten, dairy, and sugar

22:31 - We must move to be healthy and vital, and detoxify our lymphatic system

26:04 - Neil talks about the importance of gut health and the gut-brain link

29:11 - Neil talks about breath work and ice baths as his “silver bullet” in his vitality journey

30:57 - Neil talks about grounding

35:09 - Thoughts you have about the food you eat can be impactful

36:12 - Things we can do to improve health at the cellular level

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