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Ep. 136 | Randy Wilson - Finding True Personal Freedom Through The Power of Awareness


October 31, 2023


My guest this week is Randy Wilson. Randy, an Indianapolis, Indiana native, brings over 30 years of wisdom and life experience. Randy firmly believes in the profound concept that true personal freedom is achieved when individuals take full responsibility for both their financial well-being and their mental growth. He is the author of Think Big! and the host of The Rich Mind Podcast. Randy's mission revolves around the principles of taking full responsibility for your finances and nurturing personal growth to achieve true personal freedom.

In this episode, we talked about his journey of self-discovery, financial freedom, and personal growth. Randy opens up about his profound personal transformation, sharing pivotal moments that led him to realize the importance of control and awareness in one's life. He delves into his podcast, 'The Rich Mind Podcast,' highlighting its mission to guide individuals towards true personal freedom. The conversation turns toward financial awareness and understanding one's relationship with money. Randy imparts valuable insights and actionable steps for regaining control in life, such as mentorship and stepping out of one's comfort zone. Furthermore, he shares how these principles extend into the realm of marriage and relationships.


00:00 - Ashish introduces his guest, Randy Wilson

01:39 - Randy talks about his personal and professional background, sharing his journey to get to where he is today

07:14 - The moment he realizes he is not in control of his life

09:51 - The power of awareness to change lives

11:08 - Rady talks about his podcast, The Rich Mind Podcast, what it stands for and what he’s hoping to get out of it, and having true personal freedom

12:01 - Ashish asks Randy what it means to be aware of our money stories and our relationship with money

14:08 - Things people can do to take back control of their lives, such as mentorship and stepping out of their comfort zone, and going deep into understanding his balance sheet

18:12 - How he brings all the learnings and insight into his household

23:37 - Pillars of the mindset that help Randy stay on track, and his observations with the people he interacts with

30:59 - Randy shares lessons about his 27-year marriage and relationships

34:54 - How he can share with people who are tuned out or lack awareness regarding the importance of working on their relationship in the different seasons and phases of life

38:22 - Ashish asks Randy what it means to live a rich life

Connect with Randy Wilson here:

You can grab a copy of his E-book, Think Big!, through his website. You can also connect with Randy through The Rich Mind Podcast, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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