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Ep. 13 | Char Newswanger – Covid Series: Bringing Authentic Essence To A Brand


October 5, 2021

2:12 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Char Newswanger. Throughout this episode Ashish and Char discuss current trends and change COVID-19 has brought to the marketplace, how to identify a brand without using the product or people associated with the brand, the power of a brand having an essence and great values and so much more. Char also shares her best advice and ‘must do’s!’ when business building.


Char Newswanger is a entrepreneur and branding specialist committed to guiding people towards the DNA of brands. The organizations and individuals she works with covers a wide range of industries, from start-ups to brands recognized across the country.


0:00 – Intro 0:03 – Ashish shares a brief description of his guest Char Newswanger 2:22 – Ashish mentions how Char believes in the powerful impact of purposeful people 3:51 – Char speaks to us about the current trend she’s seeing in the marketplace and briefly discusses the change that COVID-19 brought to the marketplace 5:28 – Char explains how she defines essence as the authenticity and values of a brand 6:56 – Char speaks about how brands can know they have an essence and that they are truly living their desired values 9:00 – Char informs us about how she helps to identify the brand without using the product or the people within the brand 10:37 – Ashish asks Char if she feels there is a generational change in the consumer base and if she feels the way that people consume information affects her marketing strategy 13:07 – Char shares her opinion and states that trust between consumers and brands is the number one key factor 16:13 – Char speaks on intuitiveness and how it is a great skill to have as a business owner as we’re seeing past what’s on the surface 18:03 – Ashish asks Char about how she has changed her business strategy during these times 21:01 – Char mentions how 2020 was a reset and with that her clients had renewed vision 22:03 – Char shares her best advice on business building must do’s for branding and marketing that will keep you competitive and attract customers 23:33 – Ashish asks Char is she thinks people tend to fall into the trap of ‘we are who our customers want us to be’ 25:32 – Char describes what the term rich means to her 26:44 – Ashish speaks about how our upbringing really defines so much about how we show up in the world 27:47 – Char informs us about why she started her business 12 years ago 29:27 – Char shares some of her best advice for people navigating through their business journey 31:06 – Ashish asks Char what keeps her up at night 32:41 – You can contact Char through Instagram; @charnewswanger, @charcompany and through the website;


Instagram: @charnewswanger

Essence Brand Identity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals

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