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Ep. 126 | Matthew Blasdel – Ascending Through Pain Toward Success


September 12, 2023

8:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Matthew Bladel. Matt Blasdel is a coach, a father of 3, a widower, a black belt jiu-jitsu instructor, and an owner of a mid-size marketing business, who uses his 25 years of leadership experience to guide his family, students, employees, teammates, and clients to actualize their potential. Specializing in helping people overcome and reframe adversity, Matt aims to help people transmute their pain into providence.

At the intersection of lessons learned in business, art, grief, and love, and reinforced by a decades-long study of ancient wisdom, Matt is deeply connected to the divine masculine and aims to bring it to life in those he touches through his unique brand of radical transparency, giving rise to clarity in chaos, and offering a sacred ascent through pain toward success.

In this episode, Matthew shares his personal and professional background, highlighting the challenges of dealing with loss. He provides insights into grief and loss from his perspective, emphasizing the importance of sorting the chaos in one's mind when experiencing loss. Matthew and Ashish also discussed the gift of presence that one can offer to someone who has lost a loved one. The conversation touches on the idea of "achievership" and how it can both help and hinder personal growth. Lastly, Matthew and Ashish explore the importance of being true to oneself while also recognizing the need for openness and vulnerability in personal relationships.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Matthew

01:23 - Matthew talks about his personal and professional background, dealing with loss

08:15 - Matthew shares his insights on grief and loss from his point of view

10:50 - Sorting the chaos in your mind when you experience loss

15:31 - The gift you can give someone who lost a loved one

16:54 - Breaking everyday patterns of identity

18:48 - Matthew describes the sometimes disorienting path and trajectory through grief

25:23 - Desire to manifest good underneath grief, loss, and pain

28:15 - Our weakness manifests most in "I" or when we are alone, and have the feeling that we do not have anyone else

33:24 - Ashish and Matthew talk about "achievership" -- how it has helped Matthew, and how it has hurt him

40:12 - Only good stuff flows from striving and achievement, or sacrifice

52:47 - Advice for people regarding "staying out of the way" for whatever is naturally going to manifest

55:52 - Difference between authenticity and vulnerability

01:01:43 - Matthew talks about a pivotal moment

01:09:47 - Ashish asks Matthew what it means for him to live a rich life

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