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Ep. 124 | Ashish Nathu - Navigating the Thin Line: Self-Righteousness vs. Narcissism in Leadership


September 5, 2023

9:00 am

In this solo episode, we delve deep into the intricacies of self-righteousness and narcissism. These traits, while sharing similarities, can be a thorny issue in personal and professional relationships, quickly souring the atmosphere with their arrogance and entitlement.

We explore the fine line that separates these characteristics and how they manifest in leaders, both in business and as individuals. Self-awareness and self-reflection become vital tools as we navigate the murky waters of self-righteousness and narcissism. When do our noble convictions tip into the realm of self-righteousness, and when do they escalate into full-blown narcissism? This episode unravels the nuances, offering insights and some reminders for leaders striving to maintain a balanced and healthy approach.


00:00 - Ashish introduces the topic

00:45 - Ashish defines narcissism

01:24 - The mission and vision is what is righteous

03:58 - When being right becomes narcissistic

06:06 - The moment corruption sets in and gets us in trouble in our desire to be right

06:44 - When do we cross over to too much narcissism


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