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Ep. 110 | Chris Ansevin– Pivoting Successfully In Any Business


May 30, 2023

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Chris Ansevin. Chris is the Founder and President of Happy Spa Dogs Mobile Grooming. With a rich background as a former high school math teacher, Chris brings a unique perspective to his entrepreneurial ventures. Throughout his journey, he has successfully pivoted several times, embracing new challenges and seizing opportunities along the way. In this episode, Chris will share his inspiring story of resilience and adaptation. Alongside his professional pursuits, Chris leads a fulfilling personal life as a devoted husband and father, currently residing in the sunny state of California.

In this episode, Chris talks about his childhood and his entrepreneurial journey. He talks about the different businesses he founded, and the 3 business models he looks for when starting a new business venture. He shares the various things he’s working on, his dog grooming business, insights about self-worth, and advice to other entrepreneurs.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Chris

1:35 – Chris shares about his upbringing and his childhood, and how it connects to his entrepreneurial journey

02:56 – The similarity between what it takes to start a business and what it takes to break the rules at home

08:33 – What led him to a career in teaching

11:36 – Why he decided to leave his teaching career

15:29- Chris shares stories from his business and the challenges he experienced

20:32 – How Chris decided to try a new kind of business when his present business at the time did not succeed

22:32- Chris talks about his 3 business models that are replicable.

27:07 – Ashish asks Chris about how he pivoted to different businesses and business models

31:23- Chris and Ashish talk about his criteria when starting a business

32:42- Ashish asks what Chris has right now

34:11- Chris shares about where he mostly spends his time on

35:41 – Challenges he’s facing in his dog grooming business

39:59- Chris shares a story about the book she read

42:13- Chris talks about Self-worth

44:54- Chris gives his advice to other entrepreneurs

51:59- Ashish asks Chris what it means to have a rich life

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