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Ep. 108 | Simon Severino– Scaling Business With Strategy Sprints


May 23, 2023

8:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Simon Severino. In 19 years of entrepreneurship, Simon executed hundreds of go-to-market strategies with B2B teams around the globe. He is the creator of the Strategy Sprints® Method, whose goal is to make firms easier to run.

He scaled his own consultancy and has then retired from operations. He reached financial freedom and became an investor. Since then, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs reach financial freedom and have a firm that runs without being dependent on them. Today, He shares his blueprint with B2B leaders and is excited about helping businesses scale faster than ever.

In this episode, Simon talks about business and his business strategy. He shares his insights on the financial crisis, about the technological disruptions such as AI and how it’s changing the landscape and our way of doing things. He talked about having the right mindset to move forward. He also spoke about finding the balance between relying heavily on processes and maintaining a human connection


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Simon

00:46 – Simon’s insights about the state of the world right now, the financial crisis, and having the right mindset to move forward

02:50 – Turn your fixed costs into variable costs

05:20- Simon gives his advice to other companies who have not adapted technologically, or are antiquated in their processes

08:16- Simon and Ashish talk about the latest technology as a disruptive force, and why it’s changing the landscape

10:25 – working in the business vs working on the business

15:17 – Finding the balance between relying heavily on processes and maintaining a human connection

19:16 – Creating value in each interaction

21:42 – The 3 types of value

23:52- Ashish and Simon talk about turning a Fixed cost into a variable cost

26:55- Ashish asks Simon what it means to tokenize equity

30:24- Simon shares his thoughts about Banking

38:52- Simon talks about his book

40:10 -Ashish asks Simon what it means to have a rich life

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