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Ep. 106 | Bob Burg – Bringing Value in Today's Environment


May 2, 2023

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Bob Burg. A member of the National Speakers Association and inductee into their Speaker Hall of Fame, Bob Burg is an international bestselling author and one of the world’s elite authorities in the field of relationship marketing and influence. "The Go-Giver" has sold over one million copies and created an international movement. His sales classic, "Endless Referrals" continues to be used as a resource for companies and sales teams throughout the world.

Through his dynamic Endless Referrals system, Genuine Influence, and Go-Giver principles, Bob teaches business professionals how to leverage their network of everyday contacts into a never-ending stream of new prospects. Using his highly effective relationship cultivation process, new sales are converted into lifelong customers and “Personal Walking Ambassadors” that multiply the volume of referred prospects — exponentially!

In this episode, Bob talks about his background and talks about value, what it is and how is value different from price. He talks about misalignment of value, and what negative value means. He shares his expertise in scaling authentic relationships and providing value at the same time. Ashish and Bob also talk about his definition of success, and the gaps he is seeing in how leaders make strong, ethical decisions.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces Bob

01:01 – The mindset of what it means to bring value to people

01:10 – Difference between value and price

02:08 – The value we give should be much greater than what we charge

04:04 – How to know if there is a misalignment of value

05:33 – Negative value

06:45 – How to scale authentic relationships and provide value

10:58 – Bob shares his perspective on the gaps he’s seeing in how leaders make ethical, strong decisions

15:12 – A story about how Bob defines success

18:53 – Ashish asks Bob about a favorite book he read recently

21:04 – Bob shares his success routines and the misconception that routines entrap you

24:20 – Ashish asks Bob about his next projects or steps, from a thought leadership perspective

26:14 - Ashish asks Bob what it means to have a rich life

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