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Ep. 101 | David Lattizori – Developing the resiliency and mindset to deal with NOs


March 21, 2023

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by David Lattizori.

David is a Commercial Real Estate Developer & Lawyer specializing in working with community leaders to develop strategically essential assets that bring amenities and services to their communities. He is the owner of Lattizori Development LLC, specializing in designing and developing luxury multi-family properties, medical facilities, retail centers, and high-end spec homes. Lattizori Development has developed over $150 million in Commercial Real Estate projects, which have become cornerstones of every community they are located in. He is a licensed attorney in California and Connecticut specializing in contract and real estate law.

In this episode, David talks about his background and life journey. He also shares about his family business and his life after his father died, choosing between carrying the torch of his father’s business vs carving his own path. He shared the various challenges he faced and how he overcame it.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces David

02:29- Ashish asks David about his journey and his father’s business

04:49- David shares a story about his life after his father passed away

06:21 – Why being a Real Estate Developer is one of the challenging careers you can have

07:13- Choosing between carrying the torch of his father’s business vs following his own path

08:41- Developing the resiliency and mindset to deal with NOs

10:47- Ashish and David talks about the hardest challenges he faced and how he overcame it

13:53 - David talks about managing stress

16:30 – The key to a successful relationship with clients

17:25- Ashish asks David about what lessons he learned about himself through all the challenges he encountered

19:54- David shares about his source of inspiration in his work

23:15 – Importance of personal network as an entrepreneur

23:45 - David talks about his daily routines

26:20- David gives his advice to people who are afraid of facing their fears

29:31- Ashish asks David what he hope to be his legacy

30:37- Ashish asks David what does it mean to have a rich life

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