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Ep. 100 | Ashish Nathu – Journey to 100th Episode


March 14, 2023

7:00 am

This week is a solo episode where The Rich Equation Podcast has hit our 100th episode. What a journey it has been! We started this Podcast a year ago, to learn from various people about the great lessons of life and learn from other people’s experiences. Listen as I unpack everything I learned in the last 100th episodes, I truly appreciate you being here to celebrate this momentous occasion.


00:00 - Ashish Introduces the topic

01:49- Ashish talks about the past year and how it has evolved into a growing community of people who

02:08- Ashish talks about why he decided to start a Podcast and how it has changed his life

03:46 – How the past year became a challenging time in his life as he dealt with health issues, and how the Podcast has changed his perspective and mindset

7:47- Ashish talks about the 5 Pillars of the Podcast

11:05 – The Rich Equation community and what it means for Ashish

12:59 – What’s in store for The Rich Equation

15:08 – The Winning Day

18:34 - Ashish talks about FREEDOM

24:11 – Things Ashish learned while doing the Podcast, becoming a better listener, asking better questions

26:11- You can build skill sets to increase the probability of your success in all aspects of your life


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