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Ep.76 | Jay Jaye – Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand


August 16, 2022

7:00 am

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by Jay Jaye. Jay is the founder and CEO of Ace of Spades Digital PR Agency, helping individuals amplify themselves in the media. He started his career years ago as a magician. Jay’s services are focused on helping clients become known and seen online in order to grow their social influence and get them published in the press. His agency takes brands and entrepreneurs to higher levels by getting them published in the press.

In this episode, Jay shares his professional background, and how and why he made the move from being a magician to entering the world of PR marketing. He shares his thoughts about businesses, and how it’s not always about being the best at what you do. It’s about who’s getting more attention to market their skills. He talks about why growing your personal brand is so important.


00:00 – Ashish introduces Jay

01:45- Ashish asks Jay what were the things that worked for him, and didn’t work for him as he entered the world of media and PR

03:30 – Jay talks about how he calms the nerves and prepares for media speaking engagements

05:27 – Playing the game of personal branding, and the role of the ego when it comes to marketing. It’s not about who’s the most skilled or talented, it’s about who’s getting the most attention to market their skills or product to the right audience at the right time

07:28 – Understanding the value system

12:29 – Jay shares the difference between being tactical (all over the place) vs strategic

15:54 – Ashish asks Jay how to build trust more effectively

23:25 – Jay talks about the common reasons why people he talks to are interested in what he can do for them, but do not make a commitment to work with him

25:00 – Jay shares the daily routines that help him perform at a high level

27:58 – Jay talks about what it means to live a rich life

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