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Ep.53 | Omar Brownson - Building a Gratitude Ecosystem


February 24, 2022

7:00 am

Today I have a special, unique guest, Omar Brownson. Omar is an entrepreneur and the co-host of the gratitude blooming podcast. He is inspired by nature, gratitude, and web 3.0. He also co-founded the gratitude app gthx (as in “gee thanks”). which facilitates Gratitude Circles for leaders across various sectors and recently launched Long Horizon to advise on and invest in web 3 projects. Wherever he is, Omar makes sure to take a beat to notice the beauty and share his joy. In this episode, we get into the details of gratitude practice. It is something that Omar has dedicated his life and work to this subject. We discuss the difference between gratitude and meditation practice, and how gratitude is more of a connection to the heart, as meditation is more of a connection to the mind.

HIGHLIGHTS: 0.00 - Ashish shares a brief introduction to his guest Omar Brownson

2:55 - Omar shares his professional and spiritual journey

8:36 - Omar explains how to train our emotions through gratitude, and what's happening in the brain or the body when we're practicing gratitude

12:07 - Omar explains what a gratitude practice feels, like and how can we connect more to our heart

17:51 - Omar analyzes how we eliminate fear and anxiety through gratefulness

19: 24 - Omar explains how people who are trying to become high achievers, can manage their emotions

22:12 - Omar explains the importance of not taking anything for granted and the power of a growth mindset

25:34 - Omar explains how to practice gratitude without being insincere to yourself

29:34 - Omar explains the law of attraction and serendipity

32:19 - Omar shares what is hoping to achieve with this work in the next five or 10 years

33:53 - Omar shares his daily routine

36:31 - Omar advises the people who can't see anything to be grateful for

42:00 - Omar shares what does it mean to live a rich life

43:48 - Omar’s contact info

44:21 - Outro


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