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Ep. 27 | Doug Katona – LIVENTRL – A Natural Approach to Health


November 23, 2021

2:33 pm

On this episode of The Rich Equation Podcast, Ashish is joined by guest Doug Katona. Ashish and Doug discuss all things fitness and natural health. Doug shares his best advice to people and explains how a 80/20 lifestyle is the way to do it. Ashish and Dough also speak about strength training and the importance of recovery.


0:00 – Intro 0:02 – Ashish shares an introduction to his guest Doug 3:29 – Doug states that he didn’t chose fitness, fitness chose him 4:54 – Doug speaks about NTRL, what it is and who it’s for 6:45 – Doug announces the launching of his website which is a splash page and is live today! 7:35 – Ashish asks Doug what natural health means to him 10:30 – Ashish speaks about hiring a coach to train for an Iron Man 11:53 – Doug informs us how strength training makes recovery better and easier 13:53 – Doug states that endurance athletes don’t pay enough attention to strength training 17:15 – Doug shares his thoughts and best advice on recovery 18:30 – Dough explains how if you want to get fit fast you need to mix in two double sessions during the week and watch what happens 19:58 – Doug talks about biochemical individuality 25:50 – Doug states that the slower you run the more susceptible you are to injury 26:50 – Doug mentions how every coach needs a coach and share some things he learned from his coach 28:55 – Doug explains how your heart is a muscle and it will adapt to the type of demand you put on it 34:54 – Doug speaks about how your metabolism gets slower as you get older because you let it 36:02 – Doug shares his advice and encourages you to strength train with enough load to keep muscle on which will help you keep your metabolism active 38:10 – Doug shares how he thinks we don’t have an obesity problem we have a slow-besity problem 39:28 – Doug speaks about his routine and how it keeps his life in align 42:28 – Doug encourages you to eat sourdough bread as it’s one of the healthier breads due to the way it’s fermented 45:02 – Doug states that whatever you’re doing as a leader, you should want to do it 46:00 – Doug explains how he thinks people really underestimate the value of eating a high quality 80/20 meal 47:21 – Doug talks about how he loves wine and could drink it every night but how he’s mindful of what his training looks for the week and he’s mindful of how he treats his body 52:07 – Doug expresses his thoughts on how we all have the tendency to be addictive or get over exciting about food or training 53:50 – Doug shares what true richness means to him

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